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Programmable Power Supplies


TDK Lambda  – the global leader in progammable AC-DC power supplies
brings us the unique Genesys series of switch mode laboratory power supplies.

Common features on all products from 200W-60kW include:

  • Constant voltage and constant current modes
  • Encoders for adjustment, no pots!
  • RS-232 & 485 inputs and consistent protocols
  • 0-10V or 0-5V programming and read back
  • LXI, GPIB and 4-20mA input option available
  • Protection includes foldback, over voltage and under voltage
  • Auto restart or safe restart
  • Remote lock out of front panel
  • Preview button
  • PowerSink option available
Range Output Voltage (Volts) Output Current (Amps) Image
Z+ 200W-400W0-10 to 0-100 0-3.5 to 0-40 tdk-lambda-z+200w-400w-series-power-supply
ZUP 200W-400W0-6 to 0-120 0-1.8 to 0-33 tdk-lambda-zup-200w-400w-series-power-supply
Genesys 750W Half Width0-6 to 0-600 0-1.3 to 0-100 tdk-lambda-genesys-750w-series-power-supply
Genesys 750/1500W0-6 to 0-600 0-1.3 to 0-200 tdk-lambda-genesys-750w-1500w-series-power-supply
Genesys 2.4kW0-8 to 0-600 0-4 to 0-300 tdk-lambda-genesys-2kw-series-power-supply
Genesys 3.3kW0-6 to 0-600 0-5.5 to 0-400 tdk-lambda-genesys-3kw-series-power-supply
Genesys 5kW0-8 to 0-600 0-8.5 to 0-600 tdk-lambda-genesys-5kw-series-power-supply
Genesys 10kW0-7.5 to 0-600 0-17 to 0-1000 tdk-lambda-genesys-10kw-15kw-series-power-supply
Genesys 15kW0-60 to 0-600 0-25 to 0-167 tdk-lambda-genesys-ess-10kw-15kw-series-power-supply


With products covering voltages from 0-6V to 0-600 V at output currents from 0-10A to 0-4000A, our low voltage product line is unique in the industry.  With standardised front panel controls, rear panel pin outs, GPIB and RS-232 command sets and a 5 year warranty across the range no other product line approaches.

Genesys supplies from the same range can be configured in parallel to achieve larger output currents, with the master device reporting the total current output making the system transparent to the user.

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