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Tape-Wound Soft Magnetic Cores

PPM Power supply tape-wound soft magnetic cores manufactured by MK Magnetics from a range of materials, including grain-oriented silicon steels, 50% and 80% nickel alloys, amorphous material, cobalt alloys as well asĀ nanocrystalline. Cores of up to 1.8m x 1.8m / 1800Kg and strip widths up to 0.6m are possible. Strip widths of 25mm, 33mm, 45mm cost less because there is no slitting process or slitting scrap. There is virtually no limit on maximum strip width with stacked assemblies. Cores can be supplied as an assembly of multiple cores stacked and bonded together. Stacked cores actually perform better because the voltage per lamination supported is divided by the number of cores stacked together. Cores can be ordered with a very thin layer of epoxy, encapsulating the core to help improve handling and minimise sloughing of the outer core layer, which may be important in high voltage or oil filled applications.

Range materials for magnetic cores

  • Nanocrystalline – an exciting new high-performance material
  • 3% grain-oriented silicon steel materials (GOS)
  • 50% and 80% nickel materials
  • Amorphous materials
  • SupermendurĀ®, cobalt-iron high flux materials
  • 6.5% non-oriented silicon steel materials
  • Other specialised materials

Configurations for magnetic cores

  • C-cores
  • E-cores
  • Uncased toroids including machined nylon, injection moulded, aluminium and more.
  • Pie type 3-phase cores, D-cores, bars and other custom shapes
  • Other special configurations available

Click here for more information aboutĀ Nanocrystalline.

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