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Up to 1000 W Output with New Genesys+ 1 kW Range

Genesys+ half rack 1 kW series

The Genesys+™ series has been expanded again with the introduction of a new 1 kW range. The G1kW (full rack) and GH1kW (half rack) products offer up to 1 kW output power and include the intelligent capabilities that the range already offers such as the arbitrary waveform generator and GUI system. They are ideally suited for applications such as:

  • lab benchtop testing with software drivers
  • component, aerospace and automotive testing
  • semiconductor fabrication
  • water treatment
  • plating
  • solar array simulation.

Genesys+ half rack 1 kW series

Models and features

Ten models have been added to the existing half rack and full rack Genesys+ series  rated from 0 – 10 V to 0 – 600 V, with output currents of 0-1.7 A to 0-100 A. The range features:

  • side by side mounting of the half rack series with the GH/RM option kit
  • low weight (less than 3.5 kg half-rack and 5 kg full-rack)
  • half rack size takes up less space in customer systems, making it easier to package and quicker to install
  • blank front panel option
  • snap-on dust filters option
  • 5 year warranty.

Programming and interface

Programming is consistent across the entire 1 kW to 15 kW Genesys+ series by either front panel controls, remotely, or by using the isolated analogue control and monitoring which are provided as standard. Optional interfaces include GPIB (IEEE488.2) and the Anybus CompactCom interface platform for EtherCAT and Modbus-TCP. Software drivers, a waveform creator and a virtual front panel GUI are provided in the software package.

Safety features are standard in all Genesys+ power supplies, providing Safe/Auto re-start, Last Setting Memory and built-in protection functions.

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