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10kV power resistors delivering 5ppm over temperature

Austrian manufacturer of power resistors, EBG have developed new material combinations and processing methods to achieve a thermal coefficient of resistance (TCR) of +/- 5 ppm while maintaining the minimal voltage coefficient of resistance (VCR).

Leading-edge capability with resistive inks and sintering

The SHP series is a new generation of high-precision and high-stability resistors have already been implemented in applications such as in medical power supply units. “To produce such ultra-high precision HV resistors requires leading-edge capability in the use of resistive inks in combination with the sintering process.” Says Louis Klein of EBG.

From 100 MΩ to 250 MΩ

The Non-Inductive SHP series of power resistors currently includes SHP39, SHP52 and SHP78. The series offers a 10 kV operating voltage with a tolerance range ± 1 % to ± 0.1 %. The ohmic range is from 100 MΩ to 250 MΩ though other ranges are possible on request. The overall stability is ± 5ppm/°C from +25 to 65°C (including TCR and VCR)

“Achieving a stability of 5ppm over temperature including the TCR and VCR is a big deal at 10kV”, says Phil Surman – sales director at PPM Power. “and every resistor comes with stability data collected in 10degree steps.”

Typical applications

Typical applications for the SHP series include medical power supplies, motor drives and controls, X-ray, converters and energy regeneration.

Next generation

The next generation currently in development promises broader thermal application areas and even higher thermal stability are currently in development.

About EBG

EBG are based in Kirchbach-Zerlach

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