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ACP 100 Series of Automotive Resistors for HV EV Systems

ACP 100 Thick Film Resistor EBG Resistors

The selection of thick film resistors supplied by PPM Power now includes the ACP 100 series from EBG Resistors, which are automotive qualified to standard AEC-Q200.

Despite these resistors being much smaller and lighter than other technologies, they are capable of offering the same performance for power, energy and isolation voltage.

ACP 100 Thick Film Resistor EBG Resistors

Surge Handling Reliability

Typically, the larger the resistor, the greater the power that can be dissipated. However, the ACP 100 series, which is rated for surge currents as typically found in pre-charge circuits in EV inverters, has a higher pulse load withstand, all features which are packed into a package which is a quarter of the size of a wirewound resistor.

High Dielectric Strength

The ACP 100 resistor has a high dielectric strength of 3000 VDC, meaning it can withstand greater voltages from terminal to ground than a wirewound resistor, ensuring consistent performance.

Pre-Charge Applications

The resistors are used in pre-charge applications, where high energy pulses are expected and need to be tolerated, including in motor control units, charging converters and power distribution units.

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