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Barth Release 50kV Attenuator With <100ps Rise Time

US firm Barth electronics have released an ultra-wideband high voltage attenuator designed for measurement of signal rise times below 100ps.  The 2240-BENFP attenuator covers DC to 7GHz. The input connector is the new high voltage/high speed Barth 454 connector.  The output is a standard female N-type.

Barth attenuators such as the 2240-BENFP are typically used to measure HV pulses with fast rise times in pulse power applications such as flash X-ray, kicker systems or high power microwave systems.  Measuring fast rise times at 200mV is hard because of the requirement to minimise the size in order to reduce stray capacitance and inductance. However, at 50kV, you need space to hold off the voltage.  The combination of large size with lower stray capacitance and inductance is unique to Barth Electronics. Here at PPM Power we think that a 50kV attenuator covering 7GHz with <100pS rise time is a pretty big deal.

PPM supply a variety of high-performance attenuators from Barth. Typical applications include:

  • EMP simulation
  • EMP, ESD and lightning testing
  • Impulse radar
  • High power microwave

Custom products also include TEM Antennas, voltage probes, high voltage pulse connectors and pulse resistive probes.

Barth 2240 HV attenuator specification

Voltage Ratio 20/1 +/- 5% (26dB)
Maximum Input Voltage 25kV, 160ns FWHM
50kV, 40ns FWHM
Peak Input Energy 2.0 Joules (Watt Seconds)
Average Input Power 2.5W Maximum
Impedance 50 Ohm +/- 1%
Risetime through Unit <100ps
Bandwidth: DC to 7.0GHz
Reflection – TDR Input <4% to a 100ps rise time step
Output: <3% to a 100ps rise time step
Voltage Coefficient <1% at any voltage
Input connector Barth 454
Output connector N Female
Dimensions 4134mm long x 492mm wide x 787mm high
Weight 0.7Kg

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