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Dean Technology releases new Power Line SPDs

Dean HE2 Series Power Line SPDs

Dean HE1 Series Power Line SPDs

Dean Technology Inc. has released the Type 1 and Type 2 power line surge protection devices in the form of its HE series. This is the latest addition to the company’s CKE thermally protected suppression products.

Industry leading technology

This series covers system voltages of 120 to 600 volts and can handle impulse current up to 300 kA at 8/20 μs. They are also capable of handling multiple impulse currents up to their highest rated levels. Used in applications such as telecommunications equipment, medical electronics, and security and alarm equipment, they are designed to protect against the harmful effects of transient surges.

Fully protected SPDs

The series is constructed in either a NEMA 4X plastic enclosure or NEMA 4 metal enclosure, offering protection against harsh environments. They have excellent monitoring and status features and are available for a variety of modes of protection. These include:

  • L-G (line to ground)
  • L-L (line to line)
  • L-N (line to neutral)
  • N-G (neutral to ground).

Incorporating the most modern and up-to-date technologies, this series has been UL 1449 4th edition certified, making them ready to be used in most commercial or industrial systems.

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Surge Suppression

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