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EBG extends two more resistor series up to 2000W

EBG has extended two more ranges of its ultra-high power resistors up to 2000W. The UXP series already included the UXP2000.  Both the ULX and UTP series have now been extended to include 2kW variants. EBG’s ultra-high power resistors are used for demanding applications, such as variable-speed drives, power supplies, control devices, robotics and motor control.

ULX, UPT and UXP resistors series

Stability and improved heat transfer

EBG use their own METOXFILM technology for stability at high power and during pulse loading as well as alumina ceramic metalized with special ALTOX film on the base for improved heat transfer and optimum discharge. The resistors are encapsulated in a resin-filled epoxy casing with large creeping distance, a large air distance between terminals and a high insulation resistance. The technology is designed to deliver low inductance and capacitance at high power.

One package – three resistors

EBG ultra-high power resistors allow up to three resistors to be integrated into a single package, enabling power to be shared across more than one resistor in addition to saving space and cost.


  • Tolerance range: ±10 % to ±5 % (tighter on special request)
  • Resistance value ranges from 0.1 Ω to 1.5 MΩ (higher values on request)
  • Non-inductive design
  • High insulation and partial discharge performance

Custom designs available

Many customers using EBG’s ultra high power resistors have custom designs to fit their application.  Parameters such as tolerance, resistance value and mechanical design can be modified to suit individual requirements. The resistors feature an easy mounting fixture to ensure an auto-calibrated pressure to the cooling plate of approximately 120 to 160 N. Materials comply with ROHS and UL94-V0 regulations.

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