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ESP high pulse load resistor


Compact solution for high power pulsed applications

ESP resistors from EBG provide a highly compact solution for high power, pulsed, low frequency applications such as:

  • Inrush current limiting
  • Capacitor pre-charge and discharge
  • Motor control units
  • Power supplies,
  • Battery charging systems
  • Inverter drives.

Right now, these resistors are popular in electric vehicle subsystems as pre-charge resistors and in-rush current limiting devices for industrial power control systems.

ESP resistor

Large energy pulses

The special resistive element provides a highly reliable, non-inductive current path capable of handling large energy pulses up to 3300 joules over one second.

Small footprint

The EBG ESP resistor has a very small footprint when compared with thick film, ceramic and wire wound resistors with equivalent peak power ratings, an essential feature for applications where where space is very limited such as electric vehicles or military systems.

Resistor technology comparison table

Resistor Technology Peak Power Rating Physical Size
Thick film + x
Wire wound ++ xxxx
Ceramic +++ xxxx
EBG ESP +++ x

Superb build quality

The resistor has superb build quality with large end caps and M4 threads for multiple mounting options. Two diameter sizes are available: 14mm and 20mm. Both sizes are 62mm in length with resistance values between 10 ohms and 1K ohms. Tolerances are +/-5% or +/-10%. If you require tighter specifications please contact a member of the PPM Power technical sales team on 01793 784389.

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