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Expanded Bandwidth for Accurate Field Measurement

eoSense 4th Generation

Experience superior performance with the latest 4th Generation Kapteos Electric Field Measurement System, supplied by PPM Power.

Designed to revolutionise electric field measurement, this cutting-edge technology utilises the Pockels effect, also known as the linear electro-optic effect, to precisely capture changes in a material’s optical properties induced by electric fields.

What sets the eoSenseTM apart is its exceptional bandwidth capabilities. Operating across an ultra-wide spectrum from 10 Hz to over 100 GHz, this system delivers unparalleled accuracy even in the harshest environments, with field strengths reaching several MV/m.

eoSense 4th Generation

The 4th generation of Kapteos converters boasts enhanced usability and a host of additional advantages over its predecessor. These include:

  • Automatic recognition of probes
  • Automatic adjustment of AF settings to match the frequency of interest
  • Twice the accuracy in orientation of probe sensitivity axis
  • Military-standard ruggedized optical connector (MIL-38999)
  • Elimination of the need for an external computer
  • Lower extension down to 10 Hz for the LF model (five times lower)
  • Provision for up to three RF sub-bands for the SHF model
  • Improved shielding effectiveness from 1 to 10 GHz by 30 dB
  • Separate calibration options for both probes and converters
  • Direct control of AWG and ASA as a software option

Equipped with the innovative eoProbeTM, users can seamlessly switch between frequency and time-domain measurements for both single-shot and repetitive signals. Plus, its robust design ensures reliable operation under extreme conditions, including high voltage (>1MV), high current (>40kA), strong magnetic fields (>5T), reactive near-field areas, vacuum environments and ultra-confined spaces.

eoProbe 4th Generation

The three distinct transverse, longitudinal and SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) probes tailored for air, vacuum and fluid measurements plus the eoSense converter system, offers increased measurement certainty and simplified operation. Say goodbye to manual configuration hassles thanks to the ruggedized optical connector that streamlines field trials and enhances overall usability.

They can oversee optical multiplexers in order to sequentially address a large number of probes, plus they’re also ready to receive future H-field optical probes.

Contact our technical sales team who are on hand to help with any queries, bespoke requirements or order placement.

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