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Faster Testing with the ASEP Module Adaptor Board

ASEP-00001 module adaptor board
The ASEP-00001 module adaptor board from AgileSwitch is a standard adaptor board designed to house three core driver boards. This accommodates quick set-up of system level testing to efficiently evaluate Silicon Carbide (SiC) modules in a 3 phase or module application.

ASEP-00001 module adaptor board


The single PCB easily interfaces to a 3-phase set of power modules and makes use of the features of the fully software configurable AgileSwitch 2ASC-12A1HP Core in conjunction with an adapter board.

Software Programmable Features

  • Fully software configurable gate voltages (positive = 15 – 21 V, negative = -5 – 0 V)
  • Augmented Turn-Off™ (patented)
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage lockout (UVLO, OVLO)
  • Overcurrent protection

Key Switch Driver Features

  • LEDs to indicate power and faults
  • Wide 18 V – 48 V power supply range
  • Single-ended 15 V or 5 V Logic
  • Isolated temperature monitoring and fault reporting
  • Isolated DC link monitoring and fault reporting
  • 2 X 3 W output power/channel
  • Up to 7 unique fault conditions

Topology and Compatibility

The basic topology of the driver is shown below:

ASEP module adaptor board topology

The ASEP module adaptor board is compatible with Advanced Conversion Test Kits for HybridPACK Drive Modules.

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