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High Voltage Probes Available from UK Stock

PVM-1 high voltage probe
Standard PVM-1 and PVM-5 probes for 1 MΩ oscilloscopes are currently available from UK stock, meaning quicker delivery for our customers!

PVM high voltage probes are compensated resistive (RC) dividers designed to achieve 0.1% DC accuracy while providing wide bandwidth capability. They are available in a rugged package with integrated replaceable snubber resistors in the nose.

The probes, from North Star High Voltage, are factory calibrated and do not require any user adjustment. They are used with industry standard 1 MΩ oscilloscopes inputs or an optional switch to match to 10 MΩ DVM or meter inputs, making them ideal additions for any laboratory.

PVM-1 high voltage probe

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ModelMax DC / Pulsed VMax Freq.Cable ImpedanceAccuracy rangeInput R/C (MΩ/pF)Cable LengthStd. Divider Ratio
PVM-140/60 kV80 MHz50 Ω<0.1% - <3%400/134.5 m1000:1
PVM-560/100 kV80 MHz50 Ω<0.15% - <3%400/124.5 m1000:1

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