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How to Convert Low Voltage DC to High Voltage DC

UltraVolt A series power supply
If you need a high voltage source in your system or product, it can be provided using a simple to use DC/DC converter. The UltraVolt high voltage DC to DC power supply range includes over 1,500 standard high voltage options. Therefore, to help speed your selection PPM has created these 7 key questions to enable us to find what you need.

UltraVolt A series power supply

  1. What input and output voltages?
    • Input: UltraVolt modules operate on DC input voltage (+5, +12 or+ 24 VDC)
    • Output: UltraVolt modules can produce High Voltages up to 60 kV
  2. How much output ripple can you tolerate?
  3. How much high voltage power do you need?
    • Maximum output power per DC/DC converter is 250 W (it is possible to parallel for higher power)
  4. How many different high voltage outputs are needed?
    • UltraVolt products are mostly single output (with a few exceptions)
  5. What type of mounting method is preferred? Chassis or PCB?
  6. Polarity: Negative, positive or positive & negative output voltages?
    • Positive unipolar output => 0 to +10 kV DC, negative unipolar output => 0 to 10 kV DC
    • Bipolar output => -10 kV to +10 kV DC
  7. How do you want to control it?
    • UltraVolt products only have analogue interfaces (with different capabilities)

By determining the answers to the above questions, PPM Power can find the ideal solution for your application; quickly and precisely matching system specifications for use in high voltage applications.

UltraVolt HVA series amplifier

To find out more about high voltage DC/DC power supplies, or to discuss your requirements with our technical sales team, contact PPM Power today.

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