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Introducing Miba Powercloser, an Emergency Closing Switch for Electric Vehicles

Miba Powercloser
Following the recent addition of the Miba Powerfuse, PPM Power has introduced the Miba Powercloser, an electrical safety switch for electric vehicles that provides a high-current closing contact when triggered by a pyrotechnic actuator.

Miba Powercloser

Safety and Reliability

The Miba Powercloser closes circuits safely and reliably to discharge intermediate circuits. After the trip signal, the device closes the connection between the two terminals automatically, enabling the vehicle to be safely vacated or approached after an accident.


  • Low resistance after closing
  • Fast closing time
  • High closing capacity ensuring safe operation
  • Hermetically sealed, compact, intrinsically safe component
  • Customisable bus bar connection
  • Qualified to AK-LV 16 and USCAR-28 standards

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Miba Powercloser

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