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LeClanché equivalents to obsolete Epcos MKV (B25835) caps

TDK / EPCOS have now withdrawn their MKV (B25835) series of capacitors which are based on polypropylene in oil – now a rather outmoded technology. For customers seeking a replacement, LeClanché supply dry film caps using the latest metallised polypropylene film technology. In most cases these represent a drop-in alternative yet provide all of the advantages of film technology due to LeClanché’s unique design and innovative manufacturing process.

  • No hazardous materials
  • No liquids
  • Self-healing film
  • Mount in any position
  • Very long lifetimes
  • “Soft” landing at end-of-life

Examples of LeClanché equivalents for EPCOS B25835 MKV series

TDK / Epcos / Siemens Capacitor Leclanché Capacitor Voltage Capacitance
B25835K1105K7 PAM 150-1.0 cv4 (K) 1.5kVAC 1µF
B25835M0104K007 PAM 140-010 cv4 (K) 1.4kVAC 100nF
B25835M6474K007 PAM 90-047 cv4 (K) 900VAC 470nF
B25835K2104K007 PAM 340-010 cv4 (K) 3.4kVAC 100nF
B25835M0105K007 PAM 140-1.0 cv4 (K) 1.4kVAC 1 µF
B25835M6225K7 PPM 160-2.2 cv4 (K) 1.6kVAC 2.2 µF
B25835M0225K007 PAM 140-2.2 cv4 (K) 1.4kVAC 2.2 µF
B25835-M474-K7 PAM 140-047 cv4 (K) 1.4kVAC 470nF
B25835M2474K7 PAM 340-047 cv4 (K) 3.4kVAC 470nF

This is not an exhaustive list. Please contact PPM for more information.

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