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LEM introduce 1000A fluxgate current transducer

LEM have introduced the IN 1000-S current transducer as an addition to the fluxgate technology range. The new transducer is operational at 1000A and a maximum temperature of 85ºC. The compact design uses digital domain signal processing for minimal interference and delivers excellent linearity, very low offset and a low noise level over the whole temperature range.

Streamlining design and increasing capabilities

The IN 1000-S combines two separate parts: the measuring head and the electronic treatment. Both parts are integrated into a singular design which allows vertical or flat mounting.

High performance from -40 to +85ºC

The new range of high accuracy current transducers operates with strong performance at a temperature range of -40 to +85ºC. Additionally, the wide operating range also allows for applications including labs, medical equipment, test equipment and for energy measurement.

max measuring resistance versus primary current and temperature – Uc = ±14.25V

Key features

• Accurate to 0.0018%
• Temperature range: -40 to +85ºC
• Operational with DC, AC and pulsed currents
• Vertical or flat mounting

Digital signal processing eradicates interference

Digital signal processing eliminates temperature effects, interference and supply voltage variation. The amplitude and phase are adjusted through calibration of each transducer, so any further interference is eliminated. The IN 1000-S operates with better than 3 ppm linearity over the whole temperature range.

About LEM

LEM are a Swiss power electronics company, in their 47th year of operation. LEM focus on current and voltage transducers.

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