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Lightning Impulse Rated Smart Grid Resistors

EBG have brought to the market a series smart grid resistors that will withstand lightning impulses of up to 325 kV in a part only 102mm long.

Unique Design Manages Electric Field Stress

EBG have developed a unique meander which reduces the electrical stress at key points in the resistor. This is combined with EBG’s ability to print resistors to tolerance without the need for trimming, reduces the potential for field enhancement in the resistor. Trimming is a process of cutting links between meanders to finely adjust the ohmic value of the part. Often this leaves physically sharp points, which result in high electric field stress. These features combine to deliver very high voltage surge capability in a physically small resistor.

High Stability for Repeatable Measurements

The resistors are used in high voltage measurement circuits, specifically in applications where lightning impulses have to be accounted for. Any exposed lines that have equipment connected to them must have a BIL rating to ensure insulation is not damaged. PHV resistors still offer low voltage co-efficient and low temperature co-efficient for repeatable and accurate measurements.

Easy to Integrate

PHV resistors are available with M4 screw caps or traditional wired caps. A selection of coatings is available for operation in oil or potting materials such as epoxy and silicone.

Specifications include:
• Ohmic value: 500 Ω – 1 GΩ
• Resistance tolerance: ±1 % to ±10 %
• Temperature coefficient: ±15 ppm/°C from +25 °C to +85 °C
• Maximum working voltage: 32 kV DC in air
• Lead material: OFHC copper, nickel-plated.

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