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Miba Powerfuse Contributes to Ultimate Electric Vehicle Safety

Miba Powerfuse
PPM Power has introduced the Miba Powerfuse to its range of products. The Miba Powerfuse is a fast and safe pyrotechnic HV battery disconnection device.

Miba Powerfuse

Highest Safety

The fast, safe disconnection is triggered by a signal from the vehicle safety controller, or an internal self-release mechanism.


  • High power density-to-weight factor
  • Low resistance before separation
  • Low separation time – < 2.3 ms @ 900 V / 15 kA / 25 µH
  • High separation capacity ensuring save operation – max breaking current is 900 VDC / 15 kA / 25 µH or 500 VDC / 20 kA / 20 µH
  • Safe separation even without load current (active instead of passive tripping).

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Miba Powerfuse

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