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New 10kV optocoupler from Dean Technology

OPC10M – Optocoupler / Optical Switch

Dean Technology have announced a new 10kV high voltage optocoupler. The OPC10M is able to finely modulate a high voltage output signal up to 10kV by adjusting a reference low voltage input. The device is the first in a new series of optical devices that will be added to the HVCA product line over the coming months.

Smaller and lower cost

Dean’s optical switch products consist of a central diode and two or more LED drivers in a fully encapsulated and light-tight package. According to Dean, the device is exceptionally space efficient, and production methods allow lower costs than competitor solutions.  Custom parts for both are being produced now.

New optical switch line

“For a long time, we’ve built custom solutions for customers using this technology and we’ve put all of that learning into the OPC10M. It is a very useful and stable optical switch that we’re very excited to have brought to production”, said Lynn Roszel, Engineering Manager for Dean Technology.  “We are starting off our optical switch line with a 10 kV part that should provide a perfect solution for many of the applications where this kind of device can be used.” The company intends to release a wide range of new optical devices, starting with the OPC10M. A range of optical switches with higher voltages and power levels is planned. A full line of optical diodes with clear encapsulation is already in development.

More information?

For more information on the new line of Dean high voltage optical switches, please call 01793 7684389, email us on at sales@ppm.co.uk, complete an enquiry form or talk to us via the chat window.


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More Information?

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