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New 3.3 kV IGBT LinPak Modules

Hitachi LinPak Phase leg IGBT Modules

PPM Power have added two new 3300 V Phase-Leg IGBT modules to their product range, offering 3.3 kV blocking voltages. They include the latest trench design IGBT chips for low loss.

With an emphasis on ultra-low inductance, the LinPak modules feature a compact design with lowest switching losses, excellent robustness and exceptionally high current density, increasing the power density of your application. Tight control of inductances means that multiple modules can be used in parallel without sacrificing performance, enabling simpler, scalable and more efficient inverter designs.

Hitachi LinPak Phase leg IGBT Modules

One of the key features of these modules is the AlSiC base-plate, which provides a better CTE match within the module, increasing resilience to power cycling and ensuring reliability even in demanding operating conditions.

The 3,300 V phase-leg IGBT modules come equipped with integrated temperature sensors and dedicated mounting areas for gate drive boards.

The separation of phase- and DC-connections enables low-inductive busbar designs and high current-carrying capabilities, making these modules highly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications, including OHV (off-highway- vehicle) and industrial converters for drives and wind-power.

Visit our IGBT and Diode modules product page for more technical information or contact one of our technical sales team who can help with any queries or to help you find the correct IGBT module for your project needs.

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