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New Compact Dual In-Line Three-Phase Diode Rectifier

SanRex DF60NB160 compact three phase rectifier

SanRex has released a new line of Three-Phase Diode Modules for three-phase rectification, available in 65, 75 and 100 A current ratings. They offer a major size and volume reduction over standard industry packages. Compared directly to other 1600 V 100 A three-phase rectifiers, the compact SanRex module has a > 50% smaller footprint and 90% reduction in volume. This offers a significant reduction in material costs, for cost-effective systems.

SanRex standard industry packageSanRex DF60LA160 diagram

Standard industry package


SanRex DF60NB160 compact three phase rectifierSanRex DF60NB diagram

SanRex compact three-phase rectifier

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

With this new product, SanRex brings PCB mount advantages to the 100 A class rectifier; reducing manufacturing costs by offering auto-insertion and wave soldering, rather than screw terminals.

Improved Thermal Management

The internal construction of the diode module has a copper heat spreader for reduced thermal resistance. With Vf reduced by more than 10%, the devices offer lower losses for a given current, reducing the heatsink size.

High Reliability

The transfer moulded and bond wire free technology used extends the product life. Testing shows three times greater thermal cycling capability than larger industry standard packages.

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PPM Power offers an extensive range of semiconductor modules from SanRex, rated up to 2.2 kV and 1800 A. Browse all the products here, or contact us to make an enquiry.

Three-Phase Diode Modules
SanRex Semiconductor Modules

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