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New EPOWERSYS Highest Precision Transducers


As the world transitions towards more sustainable energy solutions, the power sector faces the challenge of accommodating renewable sources and optimising energy distribution. The demand for high-precision current transducers has increased in response to the need for precise monitoring and control.

PPM Power now supplies the new EZF Series high-precision current transducers from EPOWERSYS. This product range covers a broad current spectrum, spanning 200 to 1000 amps. This range utilises high bandwidth, extremely low temperature drift and very low noise, making them adaptable to a variety of power systems and applications such as biomedical devices, Nuclear Magnetic Resonances (NMR), calibration systems as well as test and measurement setups.


The integration of zero-flux technology has resulted in superior accuracy, sensitivity and miniaturisation, providing engineers and technicians with enhanced measurement capabilities critical for the evolving landscape of power systems.

This range of high performance current transducer allows the electronic measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents with galvanic isolation between the primary (high power) circuit and the secondary (electronic) circuit with <±2ppm linearity and stability.

The design allows for a more compact form factor, facilitating easier integration into existing systems and offering flexibility in installation.

Visit the Highest Precision DC Current Transducers product page for more information or contact our technical sales team, who will help with any queries or order placement.

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