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New series of HV precision DC power supplies from Ultravolt

High Precision DC to HVDC

LE series replaces E series

Ultravolt has released a new series of High Precision DC to HVDC Regulated Supplies. The single-output LE series offers max output voltage of 15 kV, a max output power of 30 W and is intended to replaces the E-series. This range of power supplies is designed for high-performance applications where low ripple and stability are essential. The control interface is analogue and the temperature coefficient available to 10 ppm/⁰C with line regulation less than 25 ppm.


  • More consistent high voltage performance in varying conditions
  • Minimise control signal noise and drift
  • Simplify integration with responsive control of module performance


  • High voltage output control via differential analog inputs
  • Full-featured 0 to 10 VDC control; interface includes voltage/current controls and monitors
  • Electrical performance and mechanical integration options



These high voltage precision DC-DC power supplies are ideal for high performance applications such as mass spectrometry, analytical instrumentation and electrostatics/ charging.

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