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New Thermal Interface Material (TIM) allows ABB to improve LoPak1 lifetime and performance

LoPak1 module with Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

PPM is bringing to the market ABB’s LoPak medium power IGBT modules operating at 1700V up to 450A. The current configuration is a 1700 V phase-leg (half-bridge) IGBT module with copper base plate, using ABB’s uniquely designed SPT++ IGBT and diode devices.

From June 2020, ABB’s improved 1700 V LoPak1 modules will be available to purchase with the introduction of an optional pre-applied Thermal Interface Material.

This new material improves heat flow, which effectively controls temperatures within the module body by carrying heat from active devices to the external world.

Heat Sink LoPak TIM Thermal Interface Material

TIM layers stay in place and deliver effective thermal performance over many cycles, unlike heat conductive paste, by spreading out to provide a homogeneous coating at the base plate/heat sink interface, showing virtually no change in thermal resistance.

Graph LoPak1 module with Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

Following a temperature cycling test of 9,400 cycles, where TIM is used instead of heat conductive paste, the following results were achieved:

  • 7% improvement in the average thermal resistance for the entire thermal pathway from the IGBT junctions to ambient
  • 11% improvement from case to ambient
Thermal resistance, average over 9400 cycles Paste TIM Improvement
Junction to ambient (K/kW) 114.75 106.66 7 %
Case to ambient 73.92 65.93 11 %

LoPak1 module with Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

ABB’s LoPak 1.7 kV 450 A IGBT module

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