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New Vincotech 650V power module boasts 15% higher efficiency than Vienna rectifier

Vincotech have announced a new 650V  flow3x power semiconductor module which boasts 15% higher efficiency than that of the widely used Vienna rectifier. The ANPFC 1 semiconductor module is aimed at demanding power converter designs such as power supplies, industrial drives and charging stations.

Higher efficiency and smaller size

The 650 V/50 A ANPFC 1 features three phases in a single 12 mm, low-inductance flow 1 housing. It uses either ultra-fast Si diodes for cost efficiency or SiC diodes for higher switching frequencies plus:

  • Integrated DC capacitor
  • Integrated NTCs to monitor temperature
  • Built-in snubbing capacitors to improve EMC.

Modules are also available with phase-change material.

Three level PFC architecture

A module uses a three-level PFC architecture which features prominently in power supply and high-end motor drive applications such as pumps and fans.  The module is intended to complement the Vincotech sixpack motion control power modules.


  • Compact design increases power density and reduces weight
  • Low-inductive design reduces EMI
  • Integrated DC capacitors mitigate voltage over-shoot
  • Higher switching frequency
  • Lower filtering effort
  • Lower overall costs

Useful links

ANFC1 datasheet – 10-PY073AA050RG02-LK14L03Y-/3/

ANFC1 datasheet – 10-PY073AA050RG01-LK14L08Y-/3/

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