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Precision Power for Diverse Applications

Advanced Energy Artesyn iHP

Engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of industries – including medical, industrial, horticulture lighting and semiconductor applications – the rack mountable iHP high power system functions seamlessly as either a programmable voltage or current source.

The iHP modular power system meets the diverse needs of developers by offering two variants. The air-cooled version of the iHP is a versatile power unit suitable for a variety of applications. On the other hand, the liquid-cooled variant is purposefully designed for non-medical applications.

Advanced Energy Artesyn iHP model information

The safety approvals eliminate the need for an isolation transformer in medical equipment.

Both versions boast impressive power capabilities, with the standard air-cooled model delivering up to 24 kW and the liquid-cooled option providing 20 kW in 4U. Flexibility is key, and both variants can be configured for up to 8 outputs, utilising a wide array of plug-in modules that address a vast range of voltages and currents.

The iHP power system provides the choice of analogue or digital interface to seamlessly integrate with systems, supporting Ethernet UDP, RS485, MODBUS, CAN or Ethernet TC/IP. The inclusion of a software graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies configuration processes and enables the creation of user dashboards for enhanced control.

Visit the Artesyn iHP Series product page or contact a member of our technical sales team for more information.


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Revolutionising Medical Systems with the FlexiCharge FC1500

Advanced Energy FlexiCharge
PPM Power now supplies the FlexiCharge FC1500 from Advanced Energy, which is nominated for the prestigious Medical Product of the Year award.

The capacitor charging power supply unit seamlessly combines a configurable modular AC/DC power supply with integrated capacitor charging capability, establishing itself as a versatile and indispensable component for various medical systems.

Advanced Energy FlexiCharge

Designed to meet the demanding power requirements of medical applications such as medical laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy equipment, the FC1500 delivers a robust and steady 1500 watts of power across charge voltages ranging from 0 to 1000 V. The constant power enables faster charging of capacitors when used at lower voltages in mixed technology systems.

This capability translates to significantly reduced treatment times, offering a more efficient and streamlined approach to medical procedures.

Traditional systems require multiple power supplies to deliver high voltage inputs for capacitor charging and low-voltage AC/DC conversion for system electronics. The FC1500 as an all-in-one solution, effectively tackles these power requirements within a single unit. Whilst the capacitor charger is used for medical applications, the AC/DC power supply can be used for power on-board computers and displays, for pump power or powering cooling and heating applications.

Visit the FlexiCharge FC1500 Series product page or contact a member of our technical sales team for more information.



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UX Series High Current Fast Recovery Diodes

UX Series Diodes
PPM Power supplies the HVCA UX series of axial lead, medium current diodes for high voltage (HV) switch-mode power supplies with reverse recovery times as low as 40 nS.

UX Series Diodes

The UX series supports average currents between 100 mA and 500 mA (at 25 °C). There are 5 models available in the series , spanning repetitive blocking voltages of 8 kV through to 30 kV. More information can be found here: https://ppmpower.co.uk/products/diodes/axial-lead-power-diodes/

Contact our technical sales team now for help finding the best option for your requirement.


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Testing with the ZGX Series Regenerative 15 kVA AC-AC+DC Source and Load

ZGX series power supply
In the ever-evolving field of electronics, the need for precision and reliability in testing equipment has never been greater, and engineers understand that the quality of their tests is directly linked to the quality of their equipment. The BriPower ZGX Series Regenerative AC-AC+DC Source and Load offers a standard 4U rack solution capable of delivering 15 kVA for comprehensive converter testing. Multiple units can be slaved together to scale test solutions to 960 kVA.

ZGX series power supply

Compact 4U Rack

One of the most significant advantages of the ZGX Series is its 4U standard 19” form factor. Traditional test setups with this level of power would often require multiple pieces of equipment. The ZGX Series condenses this power into a single, efficient 4U rack unit, simplifying the setup and maintenance of the testing environment.

This space-saving design not only enhances efficiency but also saves valuable lab real estate. The convenience of this 4U rack standard means engineers can focus more on their testing objectives and less on managing bulky equipment.

Versatile Regenerative Functionality

Regenerative capability is a key feature of the ZGX Series. Unlike conventional power supplies that would require some way of dissipating excess energy as heat, normally in a dump resistor, regenerative power supplies recover energy and feed it back into the grid. This feature is invaluable for testing energy-efficient systems, reducing operating costs, and minimising environmental impact.

Testing Setup, Precision and Reliability

The ZGX has built in options for battery simulation, photovoltaic cells (PV), and advanced powerline simulation for aerospace standards. A built in system for defining the source impedance of the power supply adds powerful simulation and validation possibilities, and the new RCD option allows for diode behaviour to be emulated in the ZGX output. With a highly stable output voltage, advanced programming capabilities it provides the control required to test a broad spectrum of electronic components and systems.

Contact PPM Power

The ZGX Series Regenerative AC-AC+DC Source and Load is available from PPM Power. Its standardised 4U rack form factor and regenerative functionality make it an ideal tool for testing converters, inverters, and power electronics systems.

To discuss your requirements and find the perfect testing solution, contact our technical sales team.

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PCB Mounted Current Transducers for Enhanced Earth Leakage Monitoring

PPM Power’s range of LEM PCB-mounted current transducers has expanded to now include the CDSR 0.07-NPDT model.

The new model is a three phase unit offering discrete signal outputs, enabling a fast, simple and safe method of detecting and triggering the trip conditions if leakage current exceeds safe levels.

Supporting a maximum current of 32 A per phase, the CDSR is suitable for integration into AC chargers ranging from 3.7 kW to 22 kW. The series has been designed as a leakage current sensor to address the growing market need for residential and commercial charging stations.  It includes options for both single-phase and three-phase architectures, capable of measuring both DC and AC currents.

The surge in electric vehicle adoption along with the introduction of new IEC Standards  has driven an increased requirement for current transducers. IEC 62955 / IEC 62752, requires the detection of a direct leakage current at 6 mA DC to avoid the home Residual Current Device (RCD) Type A being ineffective.

Highly durable, the CDSR is compatible with all EV chargers. It functions effectively within a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and can endure acceleration forces of up to 10 G without compromising performance.

The unit boasts excellent insulation between its primary and measurement circuits. This is achieved through generous creepage and clearance distances of 13.2 mm.

Visit the PCB-mounted Current Transducers product page or contact a member of our technical sales team for more information.

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Accelerated Innovation: SiC Modules Now Available within 20-Weeks!

PPM Power SiC Modules
In today’s fast-paced technological environment, time is of the essence and PPM Power’s commitment to supply Silicon Carbide (SiC) modules aligns with the ever growing need for high performance components in power electronics.

1.2 kV SiC modules capable of supporting current ranges from 100 to 980 A address a range of applications and power levels. Availability on most is 20 weeks, with popular modules available in as little as 6 weeks!

The 20 week lead time covers three product lines; SiC Automotive Modules, SiC MOSFET’s and SiC Power Modules.

All benefit from high voltage breakdown, high current density, high operating temperatures, high switching frequencies and low switching loss. This makes them a preferred choice for applications such as electric vehicles (EV), aerospace and high efficiency renewable converters.

Voltage (V)Current (A)Topology
Hitachi Energy SiC Automotive Modules1200580 - 980Half-bridgeHitachi Energy RoadPak SiC Module
Hitachi Energy SiC MOSFETs1700 - 3300500 - 1800Half-bridgeLinPak SiC MOSFET phase-leg module
SanRex SiC Power Modules1200 - 1700100- 150Half-bridgeSanRex SiC MOSFET module

SiC Automotive Modules – RoadPak takes advantage of SiC technology for e-mobility and automotive applications.

SiC MOSFET Modules – SiC LinPak devices deliver a massive reduction of switching losses, an increase in current density and higher maximum junction temperature.

SiC Power Modules – (SiC) MOSFET modules integrate a Schottky free-wheeling diode in a single device, delivering a low profile and compact package.

PPM Power also supports high performance DC link capacitor solutions to help deliver maximum systems efficiency with loop inductances below 10 nH.

For more information and technical advice on selecting the correct module for your application, contact the PPM Power team.





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How to Convert Low Voltage DC to High Voltage DC

UltraVolt A series power supply
If you need a high voltage source in your system or product, it can be provided using a simple to use DC/DC converter. The UltraVolt high voltage DC to DC power supply range includes over 1,500 standard high voltage options. Therefore, to help speed your selection PPM has created these 7 key questions to enable us to find what you need.

UltraVolt A series power supply

  1. What input and output voltages?
    • Input: UltraVolt modules operate on DC input voltage (+5, +12 or+ 24 VDC)
    • Output: UltraVolt modules can produce High Voltages up to 60 kV
  2. How much output ripple can you tolerate?
  3. How much high voltage power do you need?
    • Maximum output power per DC/DC converter is 250 W (it is possible to parallel for higher power)
  4. How many different high voltage outputs are needed?
    • UltraVolt products are mostly single output (with a few exceptions)
  5. What type of mounting method is preferred? Chassis or PCB?
  6. Polarity: Negative, positive or positive & negative output voltages?
    • Positive unipolar output => 0 to +10 kV DC, negative unipolar output => 0 to 10 kV DC
    • Bipolar output => -10 kV to +10 kV DC
  7. How do you want to control it?
    • UltraVolt products only have analogue interfaces (with different capabilities)

By determining the answers to the above questions, PPM Power can find the ideal solution for your application; quickly and precisely matching system specifications for use in high voltage applications.

UltraVolt HVA series amplifier

To find out more about high voltage DC/DC power supplies, or to discuss your requirements with our technical sales team, contact PPM Power today.

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Powering Progress: The Expanded Range of Programmable Power Supplies

PPM Power has extended its range of TDK-Lambda’s GENESYS+ programmable power supplies, offering a controlled and stable source of power for various applications, with a wide variety of integrated functions, features and incremental choices in output voltage and current.

The expansion covers a variety of product lines; GSP, GSPL, GSPS and PSINK.

GENESYS+ Scalable Power (GSP) Units

The new GSP50-200 (2U) and GSP50-300 (3U) scalable power models have an output voltage of 50 V but have an output current of 200 A and 300 A respectively. These programmable DC power supplies use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to enhance performance, functionality and efficiency by up to 93 %!

They can be applied to diverse fields such as component testing, aerospace and automotive testing, semiconductor fabrication, water treatment, plating and solar array simulation.


GENESYS+ Scalable Power Low Profile (GSPL)

The all new low profile, high power, low density GSPL models deliver 15 kW in a compact 2U design and 22.5 kW in a 3U configuration, supporting output voltages and currents ranging from 0-20 V/1,125 A to 0-1,500 V/15 A. They operate seamlessly in constant voltage, current and power modes.

Standard features include precise control over voltage and current slew rates, the ability for arbitrary waveform generation and storage, internal resistance simulation and display brightness control.

GENESYS+™ High Power Rack System (GSPS)

The expanded GSPS High Power Systems product line provides a fully configured and ready-to-use solution in a 19-inch, 20U high rack cabinet, delivering up to 60 kW. The output voltage and current ratings span from 0-10 V/4,500 A to 0-600 V/102 A.

Genesys high power rack cabinet GSPS

Genesys™ Power Sink

New Power Sink (PSINK) options have been added to the existing 1.7 kW and 3.4 kW high power density programmable power supplies. Capable of absorbing and dissipating peak power of up to 300 W and sustaining a continuous load of 100 W, the PSINK boasts the ability to deliver programming speeds that are 25 times faster! The fall times are as brief as 12.5 Ms, even when operating under no load conditions.

The PSINK option in GENESYS+™ proves to be an optimal choice for testing electric motors equipped with PWM (pulse width modulated) speed control that feeds power back to the source during motor braking scenarios. This is particularly applicable to components like automotive electric windows, power mirrors and power seats. It’s also useful in battery and capacitor testing by efficiently discharging post-tests. Its rapid downtime facilitates shorter test cycles, providing a more accurate simulation of normal operation.

TDK-Lambda Genesys new 1U 5kW PPS

To discuss your requirements further or to place an order, contact our technical sales team who can help you pick the right model for you.







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New EPOWERSYS Highest Precision Transducers


As the world transitions towards more sustainable energy solutions, the power sector faces the challenge of accommodating renewable sources and optimising energy distribution. The demand for high-precision current transducers has increased in response to the need for precise monitoring and control.

PPM Power now supplies the new EZF Series high-precision current transducers from EPOWERSYS. This product range covers a broad current spectrum, spanning 200 to 1000 amps. This range utilises high bandwidth, extremely low temperature drift and very low noise, making them adaptable to a variety of power systems and applications such as biomedical devices, Nuclear Magnetic Resonances (NMR), calibration systems as well as test and measurement setups.


The integration of zero-flux technology has resulted in superior accuracy, sensitivity and miniaturisation, providing engineers and technicians with enhanced measurement capabilities critical for the evolving landscape of power systems.

This range of high performance current transducer allows the electronic measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents with galvanic isolation between the primary (high power) circuit and the secondary (electronic) circuit with <±2ppm linearity and stability.

The design allows for a more compact form factor, facilitating easier integration into existing systems and offering flexibility in installation.

Visit the Highest Precision DC Current Transducers product page for more information or contact our technical sales team, who will help with any queries or order placement.

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Protecting Electrical Apparatus with Corona Detection

UVolle handheld corona detection camera
Corona and partial discharge on power distribution lines needs to be quickly detected and pin-pointed, so maintenance teams can perform timely preventative maintenance and avoid costly unplanned blackouts.

What is partial discharge and corona?

Corona discharges, detected using UV cameras, can indicate potential equipment failure due to various factors such as insulation damage, inadequate clearances, or faulty installations.

Corona detection

Why is it important?

Identifying these issues early can:

  • Prevent unexpected power outages
  • Ensure safety
  • Increase service reliability
  • Boost customer satisfaction

The Benefits of Using Ofil’s DayCor® Camera

Ofil’s partial discharge inspection cameras are designed for daytime investigation of electrical apparatus indoors and outdoors. Their DayCor® technology features very high sensitivity to corona signals and perfect signal positioning to pinpoint the discharge exactly. Alternative technologies can only indicate the presence of corona and partial discharge with a limited resolution, meaning the exact location is unknown.

UVolle handheld corona detection camera

The handheld cameras are ideal for remote testing of high voltage apparatus; they are light-weight, provide details on humidity and temperature, include a screen, and the ability to save to an SD card.

The gimbal and fixed mounted cameras, alternatively, can be mounted on electric trains to monitor rail infrastructure, or on drones and aerial systems allowing for remote monitoring of difficult to access areas. These corona cameras are ideal for systems integration.

Regular inspections using these UV cameras can identify faults before they escalate to system failures. This preventative approach:

  • Allows you to move from corrective to predictive maintenance
  • Increases worker safety through remote, non-contact inspections
  • Extends the lifespan of your equipment
  • Saves costs associated with major repairs or replacements
  • Enables inspections in hard-to-reach areas.

These inspections can also be carried out without interrupting the power supply, keeping customer inconvenience to a minimum.

Find out more about corona detection here or speak to the technical team at PPM Power about your requirements by contacting us.

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