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10kV power resistors delivering 5ppm over temperature

Austrian manufacturer of power resistors EBG has developed new material combinations and processing methods to achieve a thermal coefficient of resistance (TCR) of +/- 5 ppm while maintaining the minimal voltage coefficient of resistance (VCR).

Leading-edge capability with resistive inks and sintering

The SHP series is a new generation of high-precision and high-stability resistors that have already been implemented in applications such as medical power supply units. “To produce such ultra-high precision HV resistors requires leading-edge capability in the use of resistive inks in combination with the sintering process,” says Louis Klein of EBG.

From 100MΩ to 250MΩ

The non-inductive SHP series of power resistors currently includes SHP39, SHP52 and SHP78. The series offers a 10kV operating voltage with a tolerance range from ± 1% to ± 0.1%. The ohmic range is from 100MΩ to 250MΩ, though other ranges are possible on request. The overall stability is ± 5ppm/°C from +25°C to +65°C (including TCR and VCR).

“Achieving a stability of 5ppm over temperature including the TCR and VCR is a big deal at 10kV,” says Phil Surman, sales director at PPM Power, “and every resistor comes with stability data collected in 10-degree steps.”

Typical applications

Typical applications for the SHP series include medical power supplies, motor drives and controls, X-rays, converters and energy regeneration.

Next generation

The next generation promises broader thermal application areas and even higher thermal stability. This is currently in development.

About EBG

EBG is based in Kirchbach-Zerlach.

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Resistor modules: save space, increase reliability and reduce cost


Integrating power semiconductors components is standard industry practice to reduce size, reduce cost and improve reliability. A similar approach is now possible with power resistors, courtesy of Austrian resistor manufacturer EBG.

Multiple resistors of similar or differing values

Thick-film power resistor modules from EBG allow multiple power resistors, of similar or differing ohmic values, to be integrated into a single package, reducing size, increasing reliability and reducing cost. Increasing the level of package integration reduces the overall solution size. Reducing the number of solder joints and thermal interfaces increases reliability.

Fewer interfaces means reduced operational costs

Fewer interfaces, screwed or soldered, means less chance of reliability or manufacturing problems. Any thermal interface (i.e. a connection between the bottom of the resistor and the heat plate) requires thermal paste, which adds time, cost and complexity to manufacturing operations. Reducing the number of components by using integrated resistor modules means fewer components, reduced operational cost and time, and less manufacturing variability of the final product.

How it works

  1. EBG screen-prints resistive elements onto a substrate of aluminium oxide or, for high-performance applications, aluminium nitride.
  2. The resistive ink is baked to cure it.
  3. An additional dielectric layer is printed to cover the conductive ink.
  4. Connecting wires are soldered into place.
  5. The assembly is housed.

High power resistor modules from EBG

EBG offers baseplate-cooled packages, from 50W to 2000W, designed to house multiple resistive elements. The 50W rated AXP-50 series allows four connections, which equate to six different configurations of up to three resistors. In a similar fashion, the ULX-800 uses a slightly larger footprint to deliver a maximum rating of 800W.



Maximum rating – single vs multiple

When just one ohmic value is required, all the available surface area is used to fabricate the single resistor, which maximises the power rating all the active area is used. When multiple resistors are required, these are printed two or three separate areas on the substrate. The unused space between the layers, necessary to maintain isolation, reduces the maximum possible rating of the part. Therefore, multiple resistors have a lower maximum rating than a single one in the same package.

Simple and complex configurations

The simplest, single element, rated for the full power of the package, with just two terminals. If the application needs two resistors, with reduced power per element, the same package can be configured with two 20W elements. In larger packages like the ULX series, this can be two 300W elements or three 150W elements. The most complex configuration is three elements, which are either independent or form a div.

AXP-50 resistor configurations

ULX800 resistor configurations

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New 600W aluminium nitride resistor from EBG

EBG has released a 600W version of the HXP thick film power resistor series. The HXP600 is capable of delivering 100% of its rated power at a bottom case temperature of 85°C. The non-inductive design makes the HXP series particularly well suited for high frequency and pulsed loading applications. Direct mounting on a heat sink means significant cost savings.

  • 1 x 600W, 2 x 240W or 3 x 135W operating power
  • Non-inductive design
  • Materials compliant with UL94 V-0


  • Resistance tolerance: +/- 5% to +/-10%
  • Temperature coefficient: +/-250ppm/°C (other on request)
  • Maximum working voltage: 500V DC (higher voltage on request)
  • Power rating: 600W at 85°C bottom case temperature
  • Electric strength voltage: Dielectric strength up to 4000V DC against ground
  • Isolation voltage between R1 and R2: 500V (1000V on special request)
  • Partial discharge: 2kVrms

Rated power (%) vs bottom case temperature (°C)


The main applications are speed drives, power supplies, control devices, telecoms, robotics, motor controls and other switching devices.

Multiple resistor configurations

A standard offering can include up to three resistors in the same package. Configurations of 4, 5 and 6 resistors are also available on special request. The maximum working voltage is 500V. The ohm values available are 0.15kΩ to 5kΩ with tolerances of +/- 10% to +/-5%.

About EBG

EBG is a leading international electronic components manufacturer supplying highly specialised resistive components. The company has a corporate HQ in Austria and operational facilities throughout Europe, the USA and East Asia. More than 85% of EBG production is exported to customers all over the world.

EBG delivers leading-edge resistive technology, including:

  • Very low/controlled temperature and voltage coefficients
  • High stability
  • High-temperature operations
  • Very tight tolerances.

All products meet applicable environmental requirements according to European and US military specifications. The different style options include:

  • Flats
  • Cylindricals
  • Dividers
  • Networks.

EBG’s research and evaluation capabilities include sophisticated X-ray facilities and thermal imaging.

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Vincotech extend IGBT M7 range of 1200V power modules

Vincotech have extended the range of 1200V power modules for motion control applications featuring IGBT M7 chips. The new modules are available in sixpack and PIM topologies with current ratings from 5A to 200A. They are housed in industry-standard flow and MiniSKiiP® packages.

The Vincotech IGBT M7 range already covers current ratings up to 1800A.

PIM topology

sixpack topology

Lower overall system costs

Ultra-thin wafer processing technology and optimised cell design enables an exceptionally low VCEsat and static losses are reduced by 20%. RFC (Relaxed Field of Cathode) diodes and suppress snap-off recovery allow easier optimisation of EMC behaviour. Consequently, overall system costs are lower.

Multiple sourcing ensures supply-chain safety

20% lower VCEsat

current range vs package vs chip technology


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Integrated Power Modules

MiniSKiiP Integrated Power Modules (IPMs)

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New 100kV portable HV probe from North Star


North Star have added a 100kV model to their PVM series of high voltage probes. The new model offers 0.1% DC accuracy at 100kV, a fast rise time and bandwidth of up to 80MHz.

PVM100 specification

Max DC / Pulsed (kV) Max Freq (MHz) Cable Imp. (Ω) DC – 2Hz 2 Hz – 200 Hz 200 Hz – 5 MHz > 5 MHz Input R/C (MΩ/pf) Divider Ratio Length (inches/cm)
100/150 80 50 <0.15%  <1.5%  <2%  <6% 600/15 2000:1 23/57

Portable HV probe

In contrast to the physically more stable VD series, the PVM series are portable probes, designed for general use where portability and ease of use are essential. They deliver an exceptionally high frequency response in applications such as:

  • Automotive ignition
  • Excimer laser system measurement
  • EMI measurement.

Factory calibrated

PVM probes are intended for use with 1MΩ oscilloscopes, but they are also available with an optional switch that can compensate for various measurement instruments, such as 10MΩ meters. The units are factory-calibrated and do not require adjustment.

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PVM Series of HV probes

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PPM Power now supplying Vincotech power modules

PPM Power is now supplying Vincotech power semiconductor modules in the UK. Formerly part of Tyco Electronics and now an affiliated company within Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Vincotech is a market leader in power modules for motor drives, solar inverters, welding equipment and power supplies.

Highest integration available

“Vincotech modules offer the highest level of integration available in the market, housing dies fabricated using different semiconductor technology,” said Phil Surman, Sales Director at PPM Power. “This provides the best combination of cost and performance. We are very excited about supplying these products to our UK customers.”

Wide portfolio of power modules

Vincotech currently manufactures nineteen different types of power module, including half-bridge, sixpack, booster and power factor correction (PFC) modules. Rectifier modules with integrated brake resistors are also available, as are sixpack modules with integrated rectifiers. Vincotech uses multiple package families, including flow, MiniSKiiP and VINco. Substrate materials include aluminium nitride (AlN) and silicon nitride (Si3N4), which deliver high thermal conductivity.

Vincotech innovation

Innovations from Vincotech include:

  • Sintered die attach replaces all soldered points with sintered connections and allows multiple components to be sintered together.
  • Pre-applied phase-change material supports high thermal conductivity between a power module and heatsink but is solid at room temperature, making it smear-resistant during transportation and assembly.
  • Press-fit pins create a gas-tight, cold-welded connection, which reduces assembly time by eliminating the need for soldering. Solder pins are also available.

Simulation environment

Vincotech also supplies a simulation environment, which allows the user to develop an insight into how parameter adjustments affect losses, temperatures and efficiency.

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Power semiconductors



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New Genesys+ programmable DC – better performance and functionality

TDK-Lambda has launched the Genesys+™ series of programmable DC power supplies, which uses digital signal processing (DSP) technology to deliver efficiencies of up to 93%, as well as better performance and functionality than the existing Genesys range.


  • Programmable control pins
  • Waveform profiles
  • Faster programming response times
  • More advanced master/slave operation.

Same communication protocols

The new series is compatible with Genesys™ and Z+ models, using the same communication protocols and signals. All functions can be programmed from the front panel or remotely. An isolated analogue control and monitoring interface is also provided.


  • Constant current, constant voltage or constant power modes
  • Internal resistance simulation
  • Accepts three-phase 170-265Vac, 342-460Vac or wide range 342-528Vac inputs
  • 1U high, 19″ (483mm) wide rack
  • Five models: 0-10V/500A to 0-600V/8.5A.

Genesys+ 1U Series

Model Output Voltage VDC Output Current (A) Output Power (W) RMS Voltage Ripple RMS Current Ripple Ripple+Noise (p-p) (mV)
G10-500 0 – 10 0 – 500 5000 8 700 75
G20-250 0 – 20 0 – 250 5000 10 300 75
G30-170 0 – 30 0 – 170 5100 12 150 75
G300-17 0 – 300 0 – 17 5100 60 7.5 200
G600-8.5 0 – 600 0 – 8.5 5100 100 4 480

Useful links

Useful documents


Genesys+ 1U Datasheet


Genesys+ 1U Brochure







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New parametric search for rectifiers

Dean Technology has launched a parametric search tool for rectifiers. Checkboxes allow a user to include or exclude components from the search results based on rectification-type and package-type.  Sliders can then be used to limit the range of results based on:

  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage
  • Average forward current
  • Maximum forward surge current
  • Maximum forward voltage drop
  • Maximum reverse recovery time

The advanced search can be accessed here:

Parametric searches for suppression products and capacitors will be available soon. PPM will also be launching a parametric search for semiconductor products.

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Bulk ceramic resistors vs film and wire-wound

Non-inductive bulk ceramic resistors are capable of handling extremes that film and wire wound resistors cannot. Ceramic technology offers the power range and non-inductive characteristics of film resistors but with overload and pulse energy capabilities that exceed the performance of wire-wound resistors – in a fraction of the footprint.

From soft-start and snubber circuits to dynamic braking and RF dummy loads, non-inductive bulk ceramic resistors have a wide range of applications, such as: radar, motor drives, broadcast transmitters, RF amplifiers, semiconductor process equipment, high voltage power supplies, switchgear, X-ray, lasers, medical defibrillators, and energy research. Electronic systems often require rugged resistors that perform reliably under conditions of high voltage, current, or energy.

Pulse, pre-charge and soft-start

The compact pulse energy capability of ceramics allows flexible design without sacrificing power. Ceramic resistors can obtain greater power dissipation in one third of the footprint of wire-wound resistors, delivering excellent performance where high peak power or high-energy pulses must be handled in small and efficient spaces.

Resistor technology comparison

Parameter Wire-wound Film Ceramic
Inductance (nH) 30-56000 2-200 2-200
Peak power Poor Poor Excellent
Overload Medium Poor Excellent
Pulsed energy Medium Poor Excellent
Geometry size Complex packaging Flexible Flexible
Power range 5 W to 1 kW 1 W to 1 kW 1 W to 1 kW

High voltage

High voltage continuous and pulse applications can be addressed with ceramic resistors, including include crowbars, capacitor charging or discharging, and high voltage power supply protection circuits. Bulk ceramic resistors can provide low inductance, high average power per unit size, stability at high voltage, and durability at extreme peak-power levels.

Snubber circuits

When a spike in voltage occurs from electrical switching, an RC snubber circuit is typically used to suppress the discharges and protect the circuit. However, a wire wound or film resistor may not hold up to the high voltage, current or energy conditions. The power spike can result in megawatts of instantaneous peak power which could cause a small mass of film or wire-wound resistors to degrade and even fail.

High-frequency filters

Bulk ceramic resistors are used extensively for high-frequency loads in broadcast and communication equipment because of their non-inductive characteristics. They provide excellent non-inductive power-handling capacity at frequencies into the GHz range, with no sacrifice in power dissipation. In advanced digital applications such as digital radio and HDTV transmitters involving pulses at high frequencies, the small size, flexibility and overload reliability of ceramic resistors are ideal.

Test loads

High energy may be desired in a testing situation, from addressing minor circuit spikes to the diverting a lightning strike. In the case of power generators, test loads allow for a low-risk verification of a unit’s capabilities.

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SP Series Slab Resistors Datasheet


Series 900 Disk and Washer Resistors








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EBG replacements for obsolete TT Electronics HV resistors

PPM Power can supply EBG alternatives to the high voltage resistors that TT electronics has decided to make obsolete.

  • Precision high voltage planar resistors (PHP series)
  • High voltage thick film resistors (HV31-HV35 )
  • High voltage low inductance thick film resistors (HVL43-HVL45)

EBG replacements for TT Electronics obsolete HVL series

TT Electronics part Power rating (W) Voltage (kV) Min resistance (kΩ) Max resistance (GΩ) EBG alternative Power rating (W) Voltage (kV) Min resistance (Ω) Max resistance (Ω)
HVL 43 1.5 4 1 1 OSX 26 1.95 4 100 10G
HVL 44 3.5 14 1 2 SOX 52 3.4 16 400 10G
HVL 45 5 24 1 4 SOX 78 5 24 600 10G

EBG replacements for TT Electronics obsolete HV series

TT Electronic part Power rating (W) Voltage (kV) Min resistance (kΩ) Max resistance (MΩ) EBG alternative Power rating (W) Voltage (kV) Min resistance (Ω) Max resistance (MΩ)
HV31 0.5 1 1 50 OGP 13 1 1.5 100 50
HV32 0.75 2 1 100 OGP 20 1.5 2 200 100
HV33 1 4 1 150 SOX 20 1.2 5 300 10
HV34 1.25 7 1 200 SOX 26 1.6 7.5 450 10
HV35 1.5 10 1 250 SOX 39 2.5 11 500 10

EBG replacements for TT Electronics obsolete PHP series

TT Electronics part Power rating (W) Voltage (kV) Min resistance (kΩ) Max resistance (GΩ) EBG alternative Power rating (W) Voltage (kV) Min resistance (Ω) Max resistance (GΩ)
PHVP5 1 5 1 3 FBX8/5 1.6 6 200 2
PHVP7 0.8 7 1 1 FEX4/5 0.8 9 200 2
PHVP7B 1 7 1 2.5 MTX 967.3.25 1 8 10 30
PHVP10 1 10 1 1.5 MTX 967.3.38 1.5 10 10 30
PHVP10B 1.3 10 1 3.5 MTX 967.3.38 1.5 10 10 30
PHVP10C 2 10 1 7 MTX 967.10.25 2 10 10 30
PHVP15 1.5 15 1 4 MTX 967.15.38 3 15 10 30
PHVP15B 2 15 1 5 MTX 967.15.38 3 15 10 30
PHVP15C 3 15 1 10 MTX 967.15.38 3 15 10 30
PHVP20 2 20 1 7 MTX 967.5.51 2 20 10 30
PHVP20B 3 20 1 10 MTX 967.10.51 2 20 10 30
PHVP20C 4.5 20 1 20 MTX 967.15.51 4.5 30 10 30
PHVP30 6.5 30 1 30 MTX 967.25.99 10 35 10 30
PHVP40 9 40 1 40 MTX 967.25.99 10 35 10 30

Useful documents


MTX967 series datasheet


OGP series datasheet


OSX/SSX/SOX series datasheet


MTX967 series datasheet



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