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PPM Provides the Power for Huge Satellite Test Chamber

Large Space Test Chamber installed in the National Satellite Test Facility
RAL Space is the UK’s national space laboratory and an integral part of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Its aim is to advance the understanding of space and the environment for everyone’s benefit. In support of this work, RAL Space has introduced a new thermal vacuum chamber for testing satellites – the largest in the UK!

The bespoke vacuum chamber is part of RAL Space’s National Satellite Test Facility, which is the first of its kind in the UK to enable larger and more complex spacecraft to be tested. It will be used to simulate the extreme vacuum and thermal conditions encountered in space, and consists of a 7m x 12m cylindrical vacuum vessel lined with temperature-controlled panels.

Large Space Test Chamber installed in the National Satellite Test Facility
Large Space Test Chamber installed in the National Satellite Test Facility

PPM Power, a leading UK specialist distributor of components and systems for high voltage, pulsed power and power electronics, was chosen to provide RAL Space with compact power units for the chamber’s heaters. As the space for instrumentation was strictly limited, the advanced design of the chosen TDK-Lambda UK Genesys+™ half-rack power supplies enabled all 140 required units to fit into the available volume within the chamber. The programmable units are half the size of traditional single-rack power supplies.

View of one of the populated racksView of one of the populated racks

PPM additionally provided specialist support so that the units may be recessed and angled to allow even tighter placement within the chamber’s setup. The high-density units also provide RAL Space with the benefit of being highly reliable and coming with a long five-year warranty.

“We are delighted to be providing a compact bespoke solution on this exciting project,” said David Thornton, PPM Power Business Development Manager.

Thornton also noted PPM worked closely with power supply manufacturer, TDK-Lambda UK, to deliver the demanding project on time.

The power supplies were specified and procured for RAL Space by teams at STFC’s Technology Department, who were also responsible for executing the design, construction and commissioning of the vacuum heater control systems.

Half-rack TDK PSU in situ.
Half-rack TDK PSU in situ.

When fully completed, the National Satellite Test Facility will provide the UK space sector with all the major testing facilities they need under one roof.


Contact the PPM Power team for information on power supplies and to find both the right products and fit for your projects. Contact us. 

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Updated RoadPak SiC E-mobility Product Range

Hitachi Energy RoadPak SiC Module

Electric mobility is gaining significant traction worldwide as the shift towards sustainable transportation continues to gather momentum. With an increasing number of automotive manufacturers investing in EVs, the demand for advanced power solutions is higher than ever.

PPM Power has introduced three new part numbers to its existing Hitachi SiC e-mobility product range, with the new 750 V modules providing a higher current of up to 1100 A.

Hitachi Energy RoadPak SiC Module

The compact modules which have very small stray inductance and high reliability, allow for higher switching frequencies, higher current densities and a simpler, more compact inverter design. Thanks to the pin-fin baseplate, they also have enhanced liquid cooling performance.

RoadPak is the first module for e-mobility applications in the Hitachi product portfolio of power semiconductors that takes advantage of silicon carbide (SiC). The silicon carbide allows for a wider band gap, 10 x higher electric field strength, and higher thermal conductivity compared to silicon.

Visit the SiC Phase-Leg Automotive Modules product page for further information and technical specifications, or contact our technical sales team who will help with any queries or order placement.



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New Programmable DC PSUs for Superconducting Magnets

EPOWERSYS RPSu precision power supply

PPM Power has extended its range of RPSu series Programmable DC Precision Power Supply units from EPOWERSYS. The range now includes two new models for superconducting magnets that offer up to 500 A of maximum current and 20 V of maximum voltage at 10 kW of maximum power in the standard 4U half-rack chassis.

The linear technology avoids noise and the need to parallel systems, allowing for high accuracy, clean voltage, and the maintenance of superior stability (2 ppm) with zero thermal drift.

EPOWERSYS RPSu precision power supply

Semiconductors, a high-frequency transformer, and the input and output fans are controlled to ensure the correct operation of the device.

The units store many parameters in a database, allowing you to choose which to display. All parameters data is stored from the first day of operation and can be downloaded from the USB port.

ModelVoltage (V)Current (A)Power (W)Weight (Kg)
RPSu 10-50010500500015
RPSu 20-500205001000015


  • Particle accelerator magnets supply
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Medical imaging and treatment systems
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Fusion reactors

Visit the RPSu product page for more information and technical specifications, or contact our technical sales team who are on hand to help with any queries, bespoke customisation, or order placement.

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Reliable and Efficient Testing with E-Motor Emulation

KGS series E-motor emulator topology
BriPower has announced the release of a new E-Motor Emulation (EME) feature for its KGS series programmable power supply. This technology is an important tool for development and testing of the electric drive system in new energy vehicles.

The feature is aimed at Full Power Inverter Testing. You can load a virtual description of a machine, test your inverter hardware and software, then change the motor in software to test it again. It offers the advantages of a full power test, but with the flexibility of modelling.

The E-Motor Emulator combines hardware in the loop (HIL) technology to achieve fast dynamic response, high accuracy, low power consumption, low cost and high flexibility.

KGS series cabinet

Traditional testing methods require a motor testing platform that includes a real-time simulator and a power amplifier. This method has power limitations, large loss, and poor flexibility, and cannot fully verify the function of the Device Under Test (DUT).

BriPower’s -EME option can accurately control the load on the three-phase output of the motor controller by solving dynamic mathematical models of machines like permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and asynchronous motors (ASM). The –EME can be programmed to create fault scenarios repeatedly that could be very difficult to achieve on a real motor/dyno set up. It can also be used to create parameter sweeps to verify a controller design will work well with real life issues like manufacturing tolerances or degradation.


The KGS series E-motor emulator has a switching frequency of 120 kHz, fast dynamic response, and high simulation quality. It can apply accurate voltage at the DUT dynamically and can monitor the model parameters in real-time by modifying the motor parameters.

The KGS series E-motor emulator includes multiple output power levels from 45 KVA to 540 KVA. In the frequency range of DC~2000 Hz, the maximum output voltage of 750 VL-N.

KGS series E-motor emulator topologyTopology of the KGS Series E-Motor Emulator

BriPower’s E-Motor Emulator aims to provide a reliable and efficient testing method for companies in the electric vehicle industry to ensure safety, reliability, and comprehensive functions of their components. Speak to the technical team at PPM Power about your requirements by contacting us.

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Protecting DC Power Networks with Schaltbau Contactors

Arc chamber inside view

What are contactors?

DC and AC contactors are switches used to connect and disconnect electrical power sources to loads, activated by a control signal. When a control voltage is applied, the magnetic field pulls an electrical bridge into an active state and the main contacts close, while springs in the contactor restore the initial state of the load circuit when there is no control voltage. If switching takes place under load, an electric arc is generated in the contactor. DC contactors face the challenge of extinguishing this arc quickly due to the absence of zero crossing of the voltage.

Schaltbau C801 series DC contactor

C801 DC Contactor

What makes Schaltbau contactors unique?

Schaltbau DC contactors have effectively overcome this challenge by suppressing the arc, a key feature of the product. The arc’s formation has two main effects: current continues to flow even when the contacts are open, and very high temperatures occur, causing damage to the contacts and system parts. The contactors counteract this with various measures, including an arcing chamber that elongates, cools, and extinguishes the arc without the need for large clearances.

Arc chamber inside view

Inside view of the arc chamber

The contactors are fully bi-directional and optimised for making, changeover and fault protection; for reduced failures and safe switching.

Combining electro-magnetic and permanent magnetic blowout

In contrast to contactor concepts purely based on electro­magnetic blowout, Schaltbau contactors have permanent magnets in place to displace the arcs created when switching, as soon as they form. This means the arcs are extinguished quicker, leading to a significant reduction in heat when switching off. The lower degree of wear on the contacts makes it possible to greatly increase maintenance intervals.

In addition to these reduced maintenance requirements, the open air design of the contactors allows them to be inspected and serviced. Parts such as contacts and arc chambers can also be individually replaced, increasing the life of each contactor even further.

Double break and auxiliary contacts

The double-break contact system deals with critical currents, which are high voltage and low current and normally difficult to switch. They provide double the opportunity to interrupt the arc and better electrical performance.

This system is also unaffected by polarity, providing better functionality. The contactors can also be fitted with auxiliary contacts that allow for remote monitoring via control lines.

Find the ideal contactor

Schaltbau contactors are highly configurable with difference voltages and configurations to meet the needs of customers and come in various design versions to cater to a wide range of uses.

Speak to the technical team at PPM Power – we can help you find the right contactor for your application.

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High Quality Components Available for Power Electronics Applications at CPE23

Jubilee Conference Centre - home to CPE23

Explore optimised solutions and components from PPM Power at the Centre for Power Electronics (CPE) Annual Conference 2023.

The 2023 edition of CPE, organised by IMAPS-UK, will be held on 4th and 5th July at the Jubilee Conference Centre, University of Nottingham and brings together leading experts, researchers and innovators in the power electronics field to share insights, collaborate on new ideas and explore the latest advancements in power electronics technology.

Jubilee Conference Centre

PPM Power – as a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions and high-quality components for power electronics, high voltage, pulse power and analytical instruments – will present a selection of relevant products and solutions. Including:

  • Semiconductor modules, with the Hitachi RoadPak and Sanrex SiC modules; known for their exceptional performance and reliability.
  • DC link capacitors and test kit solutions; providing efficient and reliable power conversion capabilities.
  • HV switches; offering robust and efficient switching solutions for high voltage applications.
  • Capacitors; delivering high-energy storage and outstanding performance in demanding environments.
  • Connectors and resistors; ensuring reliable interconnections and precise control in power electronics systems, including EBG’s low inductive design, long-term reliability and performance.
  • Programmable power supplies; offering flexibility and configurability for various applications.
  • Cooling solutions, such as innovative cold plates that enhance system reliability and prolong the lifespan of DC link capacitors.

RoadPak modules on coldplateRoadPak modules on coldplate

In addition, PPM Power specialises in developing custom hardware solutions using the latest technologies to meet specific customer requirements. Recent developments include cold plates for integrated cooling of the components within a conversion system, and a silicon carbide inverter power stack for ultra-high power density applications.

Phil Surman of PPM Power said: “We are looking forward to the Centre for Power Electronics Annual Conference. It’s a great place to engage with industry professionals, share expertise and explore collaborative opportunities to drive innovation in the power electronics field.”

This CPE Conference will feature keynotes and presentations from leading academics and industrialists, views of the future demands for power electronics and drives, and the latest research advances from the Centre for Doctoral Training in sustainable electric propulsion.

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Enhanced Selection of Ceramic Capacitors

NY3 Series Ceramic Capacitor

Ceramic capacitors are used in a variety of applications such as high voltage power supplies, filtering, coupling and decoupling, timing, voltage multipliers and by-pass circuits. The ceramic capacitor voltage ratings are high for their size and offer a selection of dielectrics contributing to high stability or high permittivity.

PPM Power has expanded its range of Ceramic Capacitors from Dean Technologies to now encompass 11 Series divided into two application classes and four form factors.

Dean NY3 Series ceramic capacitors

Capacitor TechnologyForm FactorDielectric CodesCapacitance RangeTypical ToleranceWorking VoltageTemperature RangeCapacitor Class
NX5 SeriesDoorknob CapacitorT3M, Y5P100 - 8000pF+/- 10%10 - 50kVDC-20 to 85 Deg. CI & II
JX5 SeriesDoorknob CapacitorT3M / N4700, Y5P100 - 8000pF+/- 10%10 - 50kVDC-40 to 125 Deg. CI & II
NY2 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorBxN, Y5P, Y5T, Z5U100 - 5600pF+/- 20%3 - 15kVDC-20 to 85 Deg. CII
CK1 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorNP0, SL2 - 300pF+/- 10%3 - 6kVDC-20 to 85 Deg. CI
TY1 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorNP0, SL10 - 220pF+/- 10%3 - 20kVDC-I
TY2 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorBxN, Y5P, Y5U,Y5V, Y6P100 - 10000pF+/- 20%3 - 20kVDC-II
TY4 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorBxN, Y5P, Y5U,Y5V100 - 10000pF+/- 20%3 - 20kVDC-II
NY3 SeriesAxial Lead CapacitorY5P, Y5U220 - 6800pF+/- 20%10 - 20kVDC-II
ST1 SeriesCapacitor StacksY5P, Z5U250 - 1000pF+/- 20%6 - 12kVDC-II
ST2 SeriesCapacitor StacksY5P, Z5U130 - 1000pF+/- 20%10 & 20kVDC-II
ST3 SeriesCapacitor StacksY5P500 & 1000pF+/- 20%10 & 20kVDC-II

Class I offer high stability voltage and temperature coefficients with low capacitance loss for resonant circuit applications.

Class II offer high volumetric efficiency, where only a minimum value of capacitance is required such as buffering, by-pass and coupling applications.

The stability of the capacitor is dependent on the ceramic dielectric.

As different dielectrics give the capacitors very different properties, choosing the specific type of dielectric is an important consideration, for example, NP0 is the best for high voltage, low temperature coefficients and stability.  BxN however, has 5% variation over the temperature range and only 2.5% loss on voltage.

NP0 Dielectric Curves BXN Dielectric Curves

Click on each of the dielectric curve images to view at full size.

To choose the best for your requirements, dielectric curve information is available across all of the series.

Contact our technical sales team who are on hand to help with any queries, bespoke requirements or order placement.

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New Ultra High Power Resistors for Lower Pulse Ratings

EBG ultra high power resistors

PPM Power has added to its extensive range of EBG high power thick film resistors with several new series specially re-engineered to cater to applications that demand lower pulse ratings.

The new additions offer superior performance and reliability for high average power applications. EBG ultra high power resistors have high isolation, long-term reliability and excellent thermal performance.

EBG ultra high power resistors

With the ability to maintain stable performance over extended usage periods, the ultra high power resistors have been used in a variety of applications, from power generation and transportation to motorsports and aerospace. They support power levels up to 2000 W and are designed to meet critical safety requirements, making them an ideal solution for applications where performance, safety, and reliability are essential.

EBG ultra high power resistors are available in various power ranges, sizes, tight tolerances and ohm values to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Each series can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the customer’s specifications. Contact our technical team to discuss your optimal solution.

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Ultra-Miniature DC-DC Supplies Optimal for Space-Critical HV Projects

UltraVolt AEQ series miniature power supply

Up to 600 V regulated output in less than a 13mm cube with the new AEQ Series.

PPM Power is excited to announce the release of a new series of Ultra-Miniature High Voltage DC-DC Converters from Advanced Energy. They are designed to offer power supply solutions for high-voltage applications, and are ideal for projects where space is a critical factor.

UltraVolt AEQ series miniature power supply

In less than a 13mm cube, the AEQ Series offers up to 600 VDC. Despite their small size, these power supplies are powerful and efficient. Their programmable input and 1500 V input-to-out isolation gives the user the best of both worlds – a source of precise, remotely programmable high voltage power, isolated to 1500 VDC, but with none of the drawbacks normally associated with proportional designs.

These new DC-DC converters are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as medical equipment and scientific instruments – especially hand-held and portable devices. With a compact size and high voltage capabilities, they are the ideal solution for any space-critical high-voltage project.

PPM Power continues to strive to meet our customers’ needs by providing them with the latest technology and solutions to achieve their goals. We are looking forward to working with our customers to explore how these DC-DC converters can enhance their projects.

Useful Links

High Voltage DC/DC Power Supplies
AEQ Series

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Meet the Power Electronics Experts at PCIM Europe

PCIM Europe conference

Discover optimised power electronics components and solutions for your application this May from PPM Power.

PCIM Europe, the annual meeting place for the power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy and energy management industries from around the world, is taking place in Germany in May, bringing the industries together to explore the latest advancements in power electronics technology.

PCIM Europe conference

At the event you’ll get the opportunity to explore PPM Power’s expert power conversion solutions, and chat to the knowledgeable team about how to optimise your application. Their components and solutions are trusted across a wide variety of applications, providing unmatched performance and efficiency across the board.

Engineers, researchers, developers, and industry professionals alike are drawn to PCIM Europe each year to learn valuable insights from the technical sessions, make connections with industry experts and peers, and to stay up to date with the trends and developments within power electronics. It’s an event not to be missed by anyone in the field.

With unparalleled quality and reliability, a wide range of customisable solutions, and the expert support of the experienced team, you’ll discover why PPM Power is leading the market in power conversion components like inverter DC link capacitors, SiC converter test kits and HV pulsed capacitors.

PPM Power's Cygnus300 product to be displayed at PCIM PPM Power's Roadstar product to be displayed at PCIM








PPM’s Power Cygnus300 and Roadstar products which will be on display at PCIM

Whether you’re looking to power next-generation innovative renewable energy systems or medical devices, you want unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency. PPM Power’s commitment to innovation and quality solidifies them as a trusted partner in the power electronics industry, so stop by stand 418 to chat about your current application.

“The team are excited to be showcasing our power conversion solutions at PCIM Europe,” said Phil Surman, Sales Director at PPM Power. “We’re ready to engage with customers, partners and industry experts at the event and demonstrate how our products can help them achieve their goals.”

You can save 50% on your ticket for PCIM Europe this year, as PPM Power has secured you a unique code – simply enter PCIRBAUE33 when registering! PCIM Europe takes place this year in Nuremberg, Germany on May 9th – 11th.

Please contact us find out more.

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