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Programmable Power now up to 7.5 kW and 1500 V

Genesys plus 7.5kW programmable power supply
Higher voltages are now available in the Genesys+ programmable power supply range beyond the standard offered in the 5 kW series, with outputs from 0 to 20 V at 375 A, through to 0 to 1,500 V at 5 A.

The new very high power density 7.5 kW rated 1U models enable system configurators to avoid the need to parallel lower wattage power supplies, saving space in the rack or cabinet.

Genesys plus 7.5kW programmable power supply

91 to 92% efficiency

With energy costs rising, efficiency is becoming increasingly important in choosing your benchtop power supplies. The Genesys+ range offers efficiencies of 91-92%.

The power supplies benefit from DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and the latest generation components, including ferrite materials, to obtain these high efficiencies. Less internal waste heat ensures a higher power rating without compromising reliability.

Achieving 7.5 kW of power

For additional power, the 7,500 W power supplies use TDK-Lambda’s advanced parallel system (patent pending) allowing a multiple unit system to achieve a dynamic response and ripple and noise performance comparable to that of a single power supply.

15 kW of power can now be delivered in a 2U rack mount height rather than a 3U. This space-saving capability is important for any power supply application.

Applications including automotive testing

The 7.5 kW power supplies are ideal for:

  • automotive testing – including electric and hybrid cars
  • general test or research
  • measurement
  • semiconductor fabrication
  • battery manufacturing
  • inverter testing

To speak to our technical experts for advice or to answer any questions you may have, please contact us.

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Programmable Power Supplies

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New High-Power Converter-in-Package Launching at LCV-Cenex

New UltraMod4000 product being launched at LCV
TTPi, the advanced power electronics spinout from the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group at the University of Nottingham, is launching its latest product, the UltraMod4000, at the LCV-Cenex event in UTAC Millbrook on 7-8 September.

The UltraMod range is a family of GaN based, multipurpose, bi-directional, isolated, DC/DC converters, designed to work either standalone or together in a multi-modular system.

At around 200 g and just 100 x 80 x 26 mm, the UltraMod4000 has a 4 kW power throughput which puts it in a unique power density category and suitable for the new demands of high-performance automotive, as well as other vertical markets and applications. TTPi are in discussions with a number of automotive prospects and trials are now open.

New UltraMod4000 product being launched at LCV

The UltraMod series is ideally suited to applications where weight, size and efficiency are critical, as well as power density. For example, electric vehicles, aerospace (such as aircraft cabins), rail, industrial drives and renewable applications. Additionally, the modular nature of these products can drastically reduce design time and design related overheads

PPM Power, a leader in high-end electronics for automotive, aerospace and other markets, has been appointed UK distributor for the new product and will be hosting the launch on the PPM Power stand at LCV (stand C3-419).

Phil Surman, Sales Director at PPM Power said: “We’re delighted to be showcasing this ground-breaking product, which has roots in the UK’s world leading power electronics academic community. The UltraMod series of power converters shows what wide-bandgap semiconductor technology is capable of delivering. We look forward to engaging with the community at LCV and bringing these solutions to the market.”

Dan Somers, Commercial Director for TTPi said: “The UltraMod4000 is part of our flagship range of ultra-compact power converters. We’re excited to be launching such a high-power device to the market and we’re delighted with the market response to date.”

TTPi will be on the PPM Power stand (C3-419) where the product will be unveiled.

To get a free ticket to LCV go to: www.cenex-lcv.co.uk or for more info, view the UltraMod4000 product page.

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DC Contactors for the Safe Disconnection of High Voltages

C800 DC contactor for automotive
Recently, there has been rapid growth in renewable energy and the electrification of automotive and aerospace sectors, as well as the introduction of DC networks in manufacturing. As a result, an increased requirement for switching high DC loads has demonstrated the need for high-quality DC contactors.

What is a DC contactor used for?

DC Contactors are used for all applications in which a load circuit has to be switched on and disconnected securely, including industrial storage systems, battery test systems, car batteries and electrical bus motors.

High voltage battery disconnect diagram

High Voltage Battery Disconnect Unit (HV-BDU) and Battery Junction Box

High performance DC contactors

The incredibly robust single-pole, bi-directional DC contactors from Schaltbau feature newly developed compact arc chambers, offering low contact resistance to reduce power loss without the need for cumbersome gas encapsulation.

C800 DC contactor for automotive

The contactors have features for optimised performance, plus vital safety measures, including:

  • high-rated short-time withstand current
  • safe disconnection of high loads regardless of the current direction
  • optimised design permitting many mechanical switching operations and several emergency disconnections
  • open air system, meaning no risk of leaks or explosions
  • intelligent economy circuit to reduce power consumption of the coil in static operation

A range of DC contactors is now available from PPM Power, with our technical experts ready to advise on the best solution for any requirement you have. Contact us today.

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Electrification of Automotive and Aerospace Sectors

Rimac electric drive unit
Today’s power electronics development is being accelerated by the electrification of automotive and aerospace sectors. This industry transformation is creating significant demand for high quality, optimised solutions to realise high performance inverter and power converter designs.

Rimac motorElectric Drive Unit designed and manufactured by Rimac. Credit: Rimac

Optimised automotive and aerospace solutions

Engineers are saving time and money with PPM Power’s expertly optimised components and solutions for drive train and propulsion electrification.

Customised and integrated solutions allow engineers to get the required performance and meet design goals. PPM Power and its supply partners understand the need for prototype quantities and an iterative approach for rapid performance evaluation. To support this process, well-understood models can be used to speed up decision making.

Where are power electronics used in electrification?

Power electronics is ubiquitous in electrification to control and utilise energy stored in batteries, fuel cells or from classic rotating machines in the grid. Applications include:

  • traction inverters
  • battery charging
  • DC/DC conversion
  • high voltage DC power transmission
  • smart grid technology

The best components, all in one place

For all your power electronics and electrification needs, PPM Power has gathered the best components in the business in one place for a simple overview of the solutions available in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Automotive and Aerospace solutions


Visit the page to browse the products available, including:

  • inverter test kits with DC link capacitors and integrated cooling
  • SiC phase-leg high efficiency modules
  • pre-charge and discharging automotive resistors
  • automotive current transducers for charging applications
  • customised coldplate cooling solutions
  • pyrotechnic vehicle safety control devices
  • DC contactors for switching

Automotive and aerospace electrification solutions

Talk to our technical experts for a full review of your power electronics needs to support your next electrification project.

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Benefit from Reliable, High Voltage Power with DC to DC Power Supplies

UltraVolt AA series power supply
For quick and efficient design and manufacture, engineers need flexible power supplies with no lengthy customisation processes. UltraVolt high voltage DC to DC power supplies by Advanced Energy are offered with no minimum order quantities to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

UltraVolt AA series power supply

Standard High Voltage Solutions

The High Voltage DC/DC converter range includes over 1,500 standard options with inherent flexibility and modularity, enabling engineers to quickly and precisely match their system specifications for use in high voltage applications including:

  • biasing supplies
  • electrostatic detectors
  • lasers
  • mass spectrometry
  • surface science
  • exhaust gas precipitators
  • lithotripsy
  • pulse power

Access Highly Stable, Controllable Power

The product range features high precision and low noise, with adjustable output voltage and current. The power supplies all run from a low voltage DC input. Popular series include:

  • The A series, available with output voltages up to 40 kV, supporting up to 30 W of power.
  • The MPM series of micro power supplies, for a lost cost PCB mount solution.
  • The C series, primarily used in capacitor charging or high power applications.

UltraVolt A series power supplyUltraVolt MPM series power supplyUltraVolt high power C series power supply

Specialist modules are also available such as low noise and shielded modules and high voltage amplifiers.

Contact the experts today at PPM Power to discuss your requirements and find the perfect high voltage solution.

Watch the Video

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A series product page
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Expert Power Solutions Driving LCV Development Forward

LCV components from PPM Power at LCV22
Engineers are saving time and money with PPM Power’s expertly optimised LCV components and solutions at the LCV22 event in September at UTAC Millbrook.

LCV components from PPM Power at LCV22

The UK’s LCV event next month at UTAC Millbrook will see thousands from the industry converge to learn and share experiences and advice, network, and discover the latest innovations in this fast moving field. That includes PPM Power on stand C3-419, who are the experts speeding up time to market for low carbon vehicles through power and component solutions.

Technical Directors, engineers and others know it’s crucial to stay up to date. They won’t miss out on the latest developments in vehicle design, sustainable propulsion, and system design for electric vehicles at LCV22. They’ll make the most of the facilitated networking sessions, and explore the huge range of exhibitors supporting every area of the industry.

Engineers are also now able to realise their high performance inverter and power converter designs quickly with fast, precise solutions, highly efficient LCV components and rapid prototyping from PPM Power. The latest innovations include SiC MOSFET technology coupled to highly optimised DC link capacitors.

New for August 22

Now available from PPM Power are the incredibly robust DC contactors from Schaltbau. Featuring their newly developed compact arc chambers, offering low contact resistance and reliability without the need for cumbersome gas encapsulation. Conveniently short lead times give you what you need, when you need it – find out more from the expert team at LCV22.

With the push to transition to net-zero accelerating faster than ever, reducing time to market and maximising efficiency has never been more important. Trusted by the best in the business, PPM Power are the leading experts in components and systems for power electronics, pulse power and high voltage.

Your ticket to LCV22

Getting a ticket to LCV22 is free online at www.cenex-lcv.co.uk and is vital for anyone working in the low carbon vehicle, electric vehicle and connected automated mobility/vehicle areas.

“LCV is a focal point for electrification of transport, and we look forward to being able to explain our latest product offerings that will help bring those solutions to market” – Phil Surman, Director of Sales at PPM Power.

About PPM Power

PPM Power are the industry leading experts and suppliers of components and systems for power electronics, high voltage and pulsed power applications. This covers the scientific, engineering and medical fields.

Based on the outskirts of Swindon, UK, PPM Power has been providing optimised solutions for nearly 30 years and are a division of Pulse Power and Measurement Limited. Get in touch today to find your optimised component solutions.

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PPM Power leads UK supply chain project to deliver Next Generation Power Converters

PPM Power is leading a consortium of UK companies to develop a supply chain for power systems based on embedded Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices.  The project is funded by Driving the Electric Revolution, an ISCF Challenge delivered by UK Research and Innovation.

The consortium includes: RAM Innovations, Camutronics, TTPi and the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult.

Known as “P3EP” (Pre-packaged Power Devices for PCB Embedded Power Electronics) the project will leverage the performance advantages of Gallium Nitride (GaN) while delivering practical solutions that meet the integration and scalability needs of the industrial, automotive and aerospace industries.

The new supply chain will allow PEMD (Power Electronics, Machines & Drives) manufacturers to build converters with the highest power densities and allow UK power semiconductor companies to enter these markets.

Project lead, Joe Petrie – Strategic Marketing Manager at PPM Power – explained: “We are reducing power converters in size and weight by up to 10x compared to existing silicon-based designs. That has a big impact potential for applications such as automotive power management, the electrification of aerospace, and industrial applications such as motor drives and the power systems for robotics.”

Aeroplane and GANEmbedded GAN promises to reduce the weight of power converters by up to 90%; making it an ideal technology for aerospace

Phil Surman, PPM Power Sales Director, said: “PPM Power is bringing the widest view possible of the high performance power electronics market; interpreting end user requirements and delivering insights that will enable the project to impact as quickly as possible.”

The project will last for 34 months.


Project Objectives

Industry drive for more efficiency, smaller size and lower weight products means sectors such as automotive, aerospace and industrial can benefit from module-based solutions that can be used in existing production lines and are available in volume.

The P3EP project is helping to meet the needs of OEMs and systems integrators by enabling a reliable, robust supply chain of leading-edge, wide-band-gap semiconductor-based power modules that can be ramped up to production level quantities.

Based on embedding pre-packages, the supply chain will enable more compact and lightweight power conversion modules that draw on the very high switching speeds and increased efficiencies that GaN can deliver.  Power conversion modules that are up to 10x smaller than those using conventional silicon transistors become possible.

The potential of GaN to boost conversion efficiencies and increase power densities is widely acknowledged.  The P3EP project allows PEMD manufacturers to leverage the radical advantages of embedded GaN without having to become experts in embedding technology and processes.


The benefits of embedding GAN

The project will overcome limitations caused by existing packaging supply chains. By avoiding the use of conventional packages with wire bonds, parasitic losses are drastically reduced. Bond wires cause stray inductances and capacitances and increase losses. Dissipation of heat will be improved, thus leading to greater operational reliability.

Embedded GaN pre-packages enable 3D integration which further improves design compactness; supporting faster switching, lower losses and efficient heat extraction as well as increased robustness.


Please contact us to find out more or to discuss product development and collaboration opportunities.


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High Voltage Probes Available from UK Stock

PVM-1 high voltage probe
Standard PVM-1 and PVM-5 probes for 1 MΩ oscilloscopes are currently available from UK stock, meaning quicker delivery for our customers!

PVM high voltage probes are compensated resistive (RC) dividers designed to achieve 0.1% DC accuracy while providing wide bandwidth capability. They are available in a rugged package with integrated replaceable snubber resistors in the nose.

The probes, from North Star High Voltage, are factory calibrated and do not require any user adjustment. They are used with industry standard 1 MΩ oscilloscopes inputs or an optional switch to match to 10 MΩ DVM or meter inputs, making them ideal additions for any laboratory.

PVM-1 high voltage probe

If you have any queries or want to place an order, contact our technical sales team today.

ModelMax DC / Pulsed VMax Freq.Cable ImpedanceAccuracy rangeInput R/C (MΩ/pF)Cable LengthStd. Divider Ratio
PVM-140/60 kV80 MHz50 Ω<0.1% - <3%400/134.5 m1000:1
PVM-560/100 kV80 MHz50 Ω<0.15% - <3%400/124.5 m1000:1

Useful Links

PVM Series Product Page

Voltage Probes

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What is Soft Punch Through IGBT Technology?

SPT IGBT forward characteristics

The latest Trench Fine Pattern (TFP) IGBT chips are built on the developments in Soft Punch Through (SPT) chip design, delivering the lowest losses ever for IGBT switches. The progression of this technology is leading the way to a better IGBT.

SPT Technology

SPT technology features thinner silicon, combined with a highly-rugged planar cell-design platform. The technology substantially increases the cell latch-up immunity, achieving lower losses. IGBT and diode chips with SPT planar technology therefore have higher switching performance and reliability.

SPT+ and SPT++ Technology

IGBTs using Hitachi Energy’s advanced SPT+ technology benefit from a conduction loss reduction of 20 to 30% compared to earlier SPT technology.

Figure 1 shows the basic difference between SPT+ and SPT++. By introducing an N-enhancement layer surrounding the channel-P-well, the plasma concentration is improved on the emitter side, lowering the on-state losses. The introduction of the SPT++ allowed the N-enhancement layer profile to be optimised further with the main goal to make another step in conduction loss improvement. Together with thinner silicon, a reduction in VCE SAT of half a volt was possible.

Soft punch through planar profile

Figure 1 SPT+ planar IGBT enhanced carrier profile

Hitachi Energy’s SPT+ IGBT technology permitted the company to establish a new technology curve benchmark over the whole IGBT voltage range from 1200 V to 6500 V.

SPT technology VCE SAT

Figure 2 Vce sat for different IGBT cell technologies on SPT silicon at 125 °C

IGBT Characteristics and Losses

Figure 3 shows the on-state curves of the 6.5 kV SPT+ IGBT. The typical on-state voltage drop (VCE,on) at nominal current and Tj =125 °C is 4.0 V. The SPT+ IGBT shows a positive temperature coefficient of VCE,on, already starting at low currents. This enables a good current sharing capability between the individual chips in the module.

SPT IGBT forward characteristics

Figure 3 Forward characteristics of the 6.5 kV SPT+ IGBT

Figure 4 shows the turn-off waveforms of the 6.5 kV HiPak module measured under nominal conditions ie, at 750 A and 3600 V. Under these conditions, the fully integrated turn-off losses of the module amount to 5.2 J.

SPT IGBT turn-off waveforms

Figure 4 6.5 kV SPT+ IGBT turn-off under nominal conditions measured at module level

TFP Technology

IGBT chips based on a Trench Fine Pattern (TFP) technology build on the SPT++ N-enhancement technology by adding a very compact fine patterned trench cell to improve the conduction and switching losses by more than 30% compared to the SPT++ technology.

Hitachi Energy’s range of SPT+, SPT++ and TFP IGBT and diode chips is available at 1200 and 1700 V, ranging from 50 to 300 A. Contact us to find out more about Soft Punch Through technology and discuss your requirements.

Useful Links

IGBT and diode modules
Hitachi Energy Power Semiconductors

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New Test Kits with Cooling

PPM Power now offers inverter test kits which include a DC link capacitor and integrated cooling. These solutions enable rapid, high-performance prototyping evaluation. A range of standard options with various current ratings and DC link capacitance are available. Bus structures are available for simple 2-level, 3-phase, 4-phase and centre-tapped capacitor configurations.

SanRex Test Kit with CoolingRoadStar

High Quality Components

Our Test Kits with Cooling are compatible with SanRex TechnoBlock modules or a range of RoadPak automotive modules and incorporate Power Ring capacitors from Advanced Conversion plus an engineered cold plate and busbar designed by PPM.

Integrated Cooling

Developed in-house by PPM, the cold plates offer high thermal performance and facilitate integrated cooling of the capacitors in a combined solution for quicker, more streamlined prototype evaluation.


These test kits can be used for a range of applications but are typically used in aerospace and automotive applications.

While this product allows customers to choose from a range of standard options, PPM Power can also offer fully bespoke test kits to suit your requirements. To find out more, call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 to speak to our technical sales team.

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Test Kits with Cooling product page

Standard Test Kits product page

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