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Power and Precision with Auto-Ranging Output

EPOWERSYS RPSu precision power supply

PPM Power introduces the new EPOWERSYS Alphα series of programmable power supplies. Designed with a flexible output range to suit a diverse range of voltages and currents at a given power level.

EPOWERSYS RPSu precision power supply

Thanks to its high-precision sensor and custom algorithm to control the current loop, the unit achieves long-term stability with less than 0.006% Full Scale (FS) over 8 hours, thus ensuring a reliable and precise performance in any scenario. This provides the highest accuracy for laboratory, renewable energy, Test and measurement and industrial applications.

The  premium power supply unit automatically controls and adapts the output current and voltage to the maximum supported power or a user pre-set power. This ensures a seamless and responsive operation, effortlessly adjusting to the dynamic needs of various applications. In response to input voltage changes, the unit takes proactive measures to safeguard both the unit and connected devices. By adjusting its operation limits for device protection, this advanced feature guarantees robust and secure operation, even with fluctuating conditions.

EPOWERSYS Alpha unit display

The standard range offered by the Alphα series power supply boasts an impressive maximum voltage of up to 1000 V and a maximum current of 300 A with up to 12 KW of maximum power. However, if used in parallel operation then up to 3 MW of modular power can be supplied. These specifications make it a versatile solution, capable of handling a myriad of power configurations with unparalleled efficiency.

This programmable converter utilises precise regulation of the output voltage loop even whilst no load is connected.

The Alphα family can be remotely controlled via ethernet or Wi-Fi (MODBUS, EPICS, TANGO or EPowerSys Remote Control Software) which provides a unique software infrastructure for use in building distributed control systems to remotely control multiple converters.

The internal 16 GB database allows for an impressive 30+ years of data storage. All stored parameters can be displayed on charts with a choice of which parameters to be displayed or downloaded from the USB port.

Visit the Alpha Programmable DC Power Supply product page or contact our technical sales team for more information.

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