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Power Resistors for Diverse Applications

EBG Resistor

PPM Power supply a wide selection of EBG high power thick film resistors, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern electronic systems, catering to diverse industry needs. These compact resistors boast power levels up to 2000W and are AEC-Q200 qualified, ensuring reliability in demanding environments.

EBG Resistor

One notable feature of these resistors is the option for Thermal Interface Material (TIM), simplifying mounting and enhancing thermal performance, ultimately reducing production costs for users. With low inductance design and custom voltages and tolerances available, the thick film resistors can be tailored to specific application requirements.

The thick film resistors utilise alumina ceramic metalized with EBG ALTOX film at the bottom to improve heat transfer and ensure optimal discharge.

The resistors are encapsulated in a unique spring loaded resin-filled epoxy casing with large creeping distance to mass, large air distance between the terminals and high insulation resistance (CTI 600). The easy mounting fixture assures an auto-calibrated pressure to the cooling plate of about 300 N further emphasising their robustness in a production environment and high yield from manufacturing processes.

Various connection methods such as FASTON, flying leads and screw terminals can be used.

EBG-AXP-100 ACP 100 Thick Film Resistor EBG Resistors

These high-power resistors find applications in bleed and balance circuits, high-power PWM filters, MRI and X-ray systems. Their compact design allows for easy integration into limited spaces, while additional temperature sensors ensure controlled dissipation of electrical energy, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

Customised solutions are available.

The ULX-2000 is a low profile, space saving resistor with high isolation, ensuring optimal performance even in compact environments. You can have multiple resistors housed within the same package, tailored precisely to your project’s requirements. Customisable cable options, give you even more flexibility.


The PXP-200 compact resistor is engineered for direct soldering onto PCB boards, streamlining manufacturing processes and significantly reducing costs. You can have multiple resistors packaged together for enhanced project efficiency.


The ESP is engineered to handle substantial energy loads in a compact package. It’s the ideal solution for inrush current limiting, ensuring optimal performance tailored to your specific project requirements, whether it’s protecting sensitive equipment or optimising power distribution the ESP offers reliability and flexibility.


Offering extended service life, fail-safe design, and high temperature resilience, the resistors versatility and reliability make them ideal e-mobility, aerospace, and energy transmission.

Available in various power and voltage ranges, sizes, tight tolerances and ohmic values, these resistors represent a robust solution for demanding electrical and electronic systems. Each series can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the customer’s specifications. Contact our technical team to discuss your optimal solution.

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