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Powering Progress: The Expanded Range of Programmable Power Supplies

PPM Power has extended its range of TDK-Lambda’s GENESYS+ programmable power supplies, offering a controlled and stable source of power for various applications, with a wide variety of integrated functions, features and incremental choices in output voltage and current.

The expansion covers a variety of product lines; GSP, GSPL, GSPS and PSINK.

GENESYS+ Scalable Power (GSP) Units

The new GSP50-200 (2U) and GSP50-300 (3U) scalable power models have an output voltage of 50 V but have an output current of 200 A and 300 A respectively. These programmable DC power supplies use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to enhance performance, functionality and efficiency by up to 93 %!

They can be applied to diverse fields such as component testing, aerospace and automotive testing, semiconductor fabrication, water treatment, plating and solar array simulation.


GENESYS+ Scalable Power Low Profile (GSPL)

The all new low profile, high power, low density GSPL models deliver 15 kW in a compact 2U design and 22.5 kW in a 3U configuration, supporting output voltages and currents ranging from 0-20 V/1,125 A to 0-1,500 V/15 A. They operate seamlessly in constant voltage, current and power modes.

Standard features include precise control over voltage and current slew rates, the ability for arbitrary waveform generation and storage, internal resistance simulation and display brightness control.

GENESYS+™ High Power Rack System (GSPS)

The expanded GSPS High Power Systems product line provides a fully configured and ready-to-use solution in a 19-inch, 20U high rack cabinet, delivering up to 60 kW. The output voltage and current ratings span from 0-10 V/4,500 A to 0-600 V/102 A.

Genesys high power rack cabinet GSPS

Genesys™ Power Sink

New Power Sink (PSINK) options have been added to the existing 1.7 kW and 3.4 kW high power density programmable power supplies. Capable of absorbing and dissipating peak power of up to 300 W and sustaining a continuous load of 100 W, the PSINK boasts the ability to deliver programming speeds that are 25 times faster! The fall times are as brief as 12.5 Ms, even when operating under no load conditions.

The PSINK option in GENESYS+™ proves to be an optimal choice for testing electric motors equipped with PWM (pulse width modulated) speed control that feeds power back to the source during motor braking scenarios. This is particularly applicable to components like automotive electric windows, power mirrors and power seats. It’s also useful in battery and capacitor testing by efficiently discharging post-tests. Its rapid downtime facilitates shorter test cycles, providing a more accurate simulation of normal operation.

TDK-Lambda Genesys new 1U 5kW PPS

To discuss your requirements further or to place an order, contact our technical sales team who can help you pick the right model for you.







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