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PPM Power appointed as Excelsys distributor

PPM Power has been appointed a UK distributor for Excelsys power supplies, adding the manufacturer’s high efficiency and low profile power supplies to a wide portfolio of power electronics components and systems. Excelsys, now part of the Advanced Energy group, manufactures power supplies for industrial, medical, lighting and communications applications.

Unique design features

“Excelsys is a market leader in design and manufacture of modular power supplies,” says Ray Goodenough, Business Development Manager at PPM Power. “They produce high technology power supplies, incorporating unique features, making them desirable in the UK power electronics market. We are excited to enhance our current range of power supplies for our UK customers with this addition.”

Fanless technology at 1800W

Based in Cork, Ireland, Excelsys has been in operation for over 20 years and currently manufactures a range of high quality products which provide power solutions upwards from 200W. Its products are tailored specifically for the medical, industrial and high-reliance industries, offering the best performance. Their leading products feature in the CoolX and UlitMod ranges.


The modular power supply CoolX1800 provides 1800W in a compact package, exhibiting up to 50% more power density than other solutions. With the medical approvals of two MOPPs (means of patient protection) and  ISO13485, its applications include dialysis equipment and clinical chemistry. The power density and fanless cooling make it ideal for high performance industrial applications, including test and measurement. The CX18M carries IEC60601-1 3rd edition and IEC60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC) approvals for medical applications.

  • Efficiencies up to 93%
  • Up to 1800W
  • Surge protection.


The medical power supply UltiMod UX6 can be populated with up to six powerMods, delivering power up to 1200W. The UltiMod range is SEMI F47 compliant and user-field configurable. The range is medically approved for two MOPPs and 4KV isolation. UltiMod is used for medical applications, including clinical diagnostic equipment and radiological imaging. It is also used for industrial applications, including automation equipment.

  • Efficiencies up to 92%
  • Dual safety approvals: IEC60950 2nd edition and IEC60601-1 3rd edition
  • Small footprint and lowest acoustic noise.

Complete power solution

“PPM has been a long-term partner of Advanced Energy, successfully supporting our high voltage customers from initial concept through to production in the UK,” says Martin Brabham, Head of Distribution, EMEA at Advanced Energy. “We are excited to expand this co-operation with PPM to include the Excelsys product line of best-in-class, field-configurable, modular power supplies. These are often used in conjunction with the high voltage products to offer a one-stop solution for our customers’ power requirements.”

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