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PPM Power in Electronics Weekly: The pros and cons of Silicon Carbide

Last month Electronics Weekly published an article written by PPM Power colleagues Paul Salter and Joe Petrie on the advantages and disadvantages of silicon carbide (SiC) modules.

Specifically, the article points out:

  • SiC devices offer dramatic improvements over silicon IGBTs in power conversion applications above 600V.
  • SiC-specific packaging is required to facilitate operation at higher frequencies in order to minimise loop inductance and poor performance due to wave propagation effects.
  • SiC-specific gate drivers are needed because silicon IGBTs will not support the switching speed of an SiC device or the rapid fault response time needed to protect an SiC device in the event of a short circuit. Specifically, soft or augmented turn-off is required to reduce spiking and ringing problems.
  • Because of these considerations, SiC is a good choice for new system designs – as opposed to upgrades to existing designs, where the advantages of the technology are less realisable.

You can read the full article on Electronics Weekly’s website here.

Paul Salter – Business Development Manager

Joe Petrie – Marketing Manager

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