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Breakers and Contactors

PPM Power offers two technologies of contactors and breakers. Solid state technology offers ultra fast reaction times to limit fault currents and very large switching lifetimes. The mechanical breakers offer galvanic isolation and serviceable contacts for long life.


DC and AC contactors from Schaltbau are available up to 4800 V and 2000 A ratings. They have an open air design with an arc suppression system to deliver repeatable, safe switching. This design reduces catastrophic failure risks and allows contacts to be inspected and serviced.

Contactor configurations can be normally open (NO) where the contact closes when the switch is actuated, or normally closed (NC) where the contact opens when the switch is actuated. Some contactors also use changeover (CO) contacts which have three connections, allowing a choice between two power sources.

The table below can be used to select contactors based on voltage, application and configuration.

Schaltbau CT contactor diagram
SeriesType of VoltageContacts, ConfigurationVoltageCurrentNew MobilityNew EnergyIndustryRailway
C300DC, AC1x, NOup to 1500 V500 AYYY
C303DC2x NOup to 1500 V350 AYY
C310DC, AC1x, NOup to 1500 V150 - 500 AYYY
C320DC, AC1x, NOup to 1500 V1000 AYYY
C360DC, AC1x, NOup to 1500 V150 - 500 AY
C801DC1x, NOup to 1000 V250 AYYY
C193DC, AC1x, NOup to 1500 V50 AYYY
C195DC, AC1x, NO/COup to 1500 V250 - 320 AYYY
C294DC2x, NOup to 1500 V40 AYYY
C295DC, AC2x, NOup to 1500 V120 AYYY
CL SeriesDC, AC1x - 3x, NOup to 1500 V200 - 250 AY
CH1130DC, AC1x, NOup to 3000 V200 AYY
C152-159DC, AC1x - 4x, NO/NCup to 1500 V200 - 500 AYY
CF SeriesDC, AC1x - 3x, NO/NCup to 3000 V200 - 300 AYYYY
CT SeriesDC, AC1x / 2x, NOup to 3000 V400 - 1100 AYYYY
CA SeriesAC3x, NOup to 3000 V350 - 800 AYY
CPP SeriesDC, AC1x, NO/NCup to 1500 V120 - 200 AYYYY
CP SeriesDC, AC1x, NO/NC/COup to 3000 V600 - 2000 AYYYY
CU SeriesDC2x, NOup to 1500 V1000 AYY
C110BDC1x, NOup to 200 V60 - 240 AYYY
AFSDC, AC1x / 2x, NO/NC/COup to 200 V100 - 250 AYYY
C137-164DC, AC1x, NOup to 200 V40 - 140 AYY
CS115DC, AC4x, NO/NCup to 1500 V20 AYY

Download the New Mobility and New Energy brochures below:

Solid State Breakers

Solid state breakers, or surge suppression devices as they are more accurately described, provide a response to fault conditions in as little as 10 μS. For DC applications this reduces the fault current making it possible to avoid over sizing components in the system. For AC applications, fast switching can help avoid brownout conditions and the fact they can switch under load many hundreds of thousands of times makes them suitable for situations where mechanical switches would be uneconomical.

Astrol AC Breakers HV Switches  Astrol DC Breaker

DescriptionVoltageMax nominal current
Solid-state DC breakersShort-circuit current protection1kV - 1.5 kV200 A - 5000 A
Solid-state AC breakersShort-circuit current protectionTypically 6.6, 11 0r 33 kVCustom - Contact PPM

Pyrotechnical Closer

Miba Powercloser

DescriptionVoltageMax nominal current
MIBA Power CloserEmergency closing switch800 VDC7 kA


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