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PPM Power supplies a wide portfolio of high voltage capacitors from specialist manufacturers including Advanced Conversion, API and CKE/Dean Technology.  The main technologies available are:

DC Link Capacitors including customised and standard solutions with extremely low ESR and ESL, plus high performance DC link test kits with cooling.

SiC Test Kits with integrated cold plates, busbars and DC link capacitors, for rapid and high-performance prototype evaluation of 3 or 4 phase inverters and similar topologies.

Snubber Capacitors for thyristor, IGCT, GTO and IGBT devices, with custom capabilities.

Ceramic Capacitors for applications requiring low dissipation factor, small voltage coefficients and stable temperature characteristics.

Energy Storage and Pulse Capacitors offering extreme energy storage/pulse power density in small packages and custom designs.

Mica Capacitors for applications requiring high stability, tight tolerance and low losses.

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  • Advanced conversion custom DC link capacitor and bus bar

Advanced Conversion test kit

Standard Test Kits

Power Stack Test Kit

SiC Test Kits with Cooling


Power Ring

Capacitor TechnologyCapacitance RangeDC Working VoltageTypical RMS CurrentEquivalent Series ResistanceEquivalent Series Inductance
Customised Capacitor SolutionsPlease enquire----
Standard Test Kits135 - 500 µF500 - 900 V---
SiC Test Kits with Cooling430 - 1600 µF450 - 900 V350 - 450 A< 0.5 mΩ~ 10 nH
Power Ring Capacitors75 - 1600 µF450 - 1500 V115 -460 A0.2 mΩ< 5 - 15 nH

Snubber Capacitors

API Snubber Capacitors

Snubber Capacitors

Capacitor TechnologyCapacitance RangePeak Repetitive VoltageContinuous RMS CurrentFrequency
Snubber Capacitors0.01 to 10 µF500 to 10,000 V10 to 120 Arms100 to 20,000 Hz

Ceramic Capacitors

CKE Dean nx5 ceramic capacitors

NX5/JX5 Series


NY2/CK1/TY1/TY2/TY4 Series

Dean NY3 Series ceramic capacitors

NY3 Series


ST1/ST2/ST3 Stacks

Capacitor TechnologyForm FactorDielectric CodesCapacitance RangeTypical ToleranceWorking VoltageTemperature RangeCapacitor Class
NX5 SeriesDoorknob CapacitorT3M, Y5P100 - 8000pF+/- 10%10 - 50kVDC-20 to 85 Deg. CI & II
JX5 SeriesDoorknob CapacitorT3M / N4700, Y5P100 - 8000pF+/- 10%10 - 50kVDC-40 to 125 Deg. CI & II
NY2 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorBxN, Y5P, Y5T, Z5U100 - 5600pF+/- 20%3 - 15kVDC-20 to 85 Deg. CII
CK1 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorNP0, SL2 - 300pF+/- 10%3 - 6kVDC-20 to 85 Deg. CI
TY1 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorNP0, SL10 - 220pF+/- 10%3 - 20kVDC-I
TY2 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorBxN, Y5P, Y5U,Y5V, Y6P100 - 10000pF+/- 20%3 - 20kVDC-II
TY4 SeriesRadial Lead CapacitorBxN, Y5P, Y5U,Y5V100 - 10000pF+/- 20%3 - 20kVDC-II
NY3 SeriesAxial Lead CapacitorY5P, Y5U220 - 6800pF+/- 20%10 - 20kVDC-II
ST1 SeriesCapacitor StacksY5P, Z5U250 - 1000pF+/- 20%6 - 12kVDC-II
ST2 SeriesCapacitor StacksY5P, Z5U130 - 1000pF+/- 20%10 & 20kVDC-II
ST3 SeriesCapacitor StacksY5P500 & 1000pF+/- 20%10 & 20kVDC-II

Energy Storage and Pulse Capacitors

APCS pulsed power hv capacitor

Pulsed Power

API Energy Storage Capacitor

Energy Storage

Capacitor TechnologyConstructionCapacitance RangeDC Working VoltageEsl/Esr at 10 kHzTypical Peak Current
APCS Pulsed PowerMetallised Polypropylene5 - 5000uF750 V - 8kV50 nH/0.2 mΩ100kA
Energy StorageMetallised Polypropylene0.01 - 30,000μF100 to 50,000V--
APCS High VoltageFilm and foil< 100uF< 5kVPlease Contact Us< 67kA
APCS Extreme EnergyMetallised Polyester< 12000uF< 100kV (assemblies)Please Contact Us< 100kA

Mica Capacitors

Pacific Type SM Capacitors

Mica Capacitor

Capacitor TechnologyConstructionCapacitance RangeCapacitance ToleranceDC Working VoltageTemperature Range
Type SM High VoltageMica0.0001 to 1.0µF± 10%1,000 to 100,000VDC-65 to +125°C
RM High VoltagePaper/Polyester0.0001 to 1.0µF± 10%1,000 to 100,000VDC-40 to +85°C

Capacitor Products

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custom DC link capacitor and busbarCustom Capacitor Solutions

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APCS standard test kitStandard Test Kits

Ceramic Capacitors

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