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Current Transducers

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    PPM Power offers a range of current transducer technologies applicable to a wide range of fields including renewable energy networks, automotive, medical and pulsed power systems.
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DC & AC Current Transducers

 Primary Continuous Direct Current RatingsAccuracyMaximum Bandwidth (DC - rated)Mounting
Zero Flux Precision60 - 1000 A0.005 - 0.060 %1000 kHzPCB & Panel
Hall Effect275 - 20000 A0.500 - 1.000 %20 kHzPCB & Panel
Zero Flux Rack Precision Mounted620 - 24000 A0.0003 - 0.0065 %500 kHzRack

  • Hall Effect current transducers provide a standard performance solution for currents up to 20kA and voltages below 9.5kV. These are rugged devices suitable for cost critical applications where a general current measurement is required. An accuracy of 1% and bandwidth of several kHz is typical for these devices.
  • Fluxgate technologies (Zero Flux Precision & Zero Flux Rack Mounted) are very high accuracy devices aimed at systems where a fast, precise current measurement is required. The large bandwidths and high current ratings of these devices makes them suitable for high power demanding applications such as beamline magnetics, induction heating and medical scanners.

Fast AC Current Transducers

 Primary Peak Current RatingsAccuracyMaximum Frequency ResponseMounting
Wideband500 - 50000 A0.50%35 MHzPanel
Pulse500 - 200000 A0.50%60 MHzPanel

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