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Electric field measurement system

The eoSense system measures electric fields using the Pockels effect. The converter provides advanced features even within very harsh environments of several MV/m across an ultra-bandwidth from 40 Hz to 100+ GHz.

Comprehensive electric field measurement system

The full eoSense electric field system consists of the following products listed below. However, an electric field measurement can be made using the eoProbe connected to the optoelectronic converter.

  • eoSense electric field measurement system

eoSense converter

This opto-electronic converter must be used with the eoProbe sensors, a dedicated Kapteos software or using dedicated instructions sent from your own software via the Ethernet port. It operates up to three directly connected eoProbes .

In real-time, the (100% analogue conversion) the optical signal transmitted by the eoProbe is converted into an electrical signal that can be analysed with an instrument like an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyser. It includes an antenna factor (AF) real-time treatment for measuring absolute electric fields (modulus, phase). Each eoSense is delivered with a Routine Test Report valid for 2 years.

Kapteos: electric field measurements to 100GHz in air, vacuum or fluid

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