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Energy Storage Solutions

PPM Power supplies Lithium-ion capacitors as energy storage solutions which have a hybrid structure that uses the same activated carbon as electric double layer capacitors for the positive electrode and the same carbon as Lithium-ion batteries for the negative electrode.

Due to the structure and advanced pre-doping technology, it has resulted in performance that combines the advantages of both at a high energy density, high output density and rapid charging and discharging and a variety of application uses whilst ensuring high safety.

Our Lithium-ion Prismatic products offer an opportunity to drive down costs by diminishing the number of manufacturing steps, reduce weight and costs whilst optimising packaging efficiency and applications.

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Configuration and characteristics of various electric storage devices

Comparison of characteristics of various electric storage devices

Lithium-ion CapacitorElectrical Double Layer CapacitorLithium-ion BatteryLead Acid Battery
Energy densityMedium
(Higher at higher current)
LowVery highHigh
Power densityHighHighLow
(No good for rapid charge)
Very low
Rapid charge / dischargeIn secondsIn secondsIn hours
(Needs a charge control)
In hours
(Needs a refreshing charge)
Internal resistanceLowLowHighVery high
Low temperature performanceGoodGoodVery badBad
High temperature performanceVery good
(Up to 70℃)
(Up to 60℃)
Very bad
(Up to 40℃)
Very bad
MaintenanceMaintenance freeMaintenance freeFrequent replacement requiredFrequent replacement required
Lifetime (float / cycling)LongLongRelatively shortShort
(Sudden death occurs)
Safety & flammabilityHigh, flammableHigh, flammableLow, flammable
(Self-heat up / igniting)
High, not flammable
ApplicationVery high power
(Medium energy)
Very high power
(Low energy)
Medium power
(High energy)
Low power
(High energy)

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