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Vincotech Integrated Power Modules

Integrated power modules (IPMs) from Vincotech are highly integrated power electronics modules using best-in-class dies supporting applications from 1kW to >200kW.  IPMs integrate the equivalent of up to 20 devices required in a discrete circuit. For example, a flow90 module houses combinations of sixpack inverter, single-phase rectifier, brake, three-phase rectifier or thyristor-controlled rectifiers.


  • Single thermal interface
  • Simple push-in electrical connections
  • Built in gate drivers, decoupling capacitors and thermistors (some modules only).


  • Rectifer (+brake)
  • PIM (CIB)
  • Sixpack
  • Half-bridge

Topologies can be customised. (Please contact PPM power to discuss).

Product lines

Cost-effective manufacturing

IPMs are proven in high and low volume applications to be exceptionally cost effective in manufacturing time and reducing field failures. Optional clip-in PCB mounting helps simplify assembly and reduce operation count. Pre-applied phase change material reduces assembly time

    • Eliminates the need for L-shaped heat sinks
    • Compact housing enables 90° angle between heat sink and PCB
    • Installs on the same side of the PCB as any other through-hole component.

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