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High Voltage Connectors

PPM Power supply high voltage connectors manufactured in Germany by GES. These connectors include:

  • Single pin connectors up to 100kV / 80A
  • Multi-pin connectors up to 12kV / 30A with up to nine HV or LV contacts.
  • Variopro HV connectors – low cost moulded plastic HV connectors up to 13kV – ideal for internal cabling.
  • Custom modular connectors – modular system allows almost any combination of signal types including high voltage, pneumatic, signal, data and fibre-optic.
  • Connectors are rated even when unmated.

Receptacle & Plug Type

Receptacle and plug type connectors are available for both panel and cable mounting. Coupling cable mounts are also available.

  • Standard or customised connectors
  • Leadtimes of just a few days
  • Low volumes available


In addition to energy distribution, these HV connectors are used in a wide variety of high voltage applications including:

Ultraviolet applications – UV disinfection, UV curing, UV surface treatment, UV lithography and UV spectroscopy

Material and test equipment – electro beam welding, electrostatic coating, induction heating, high voltage testing

High energy physics – cathode ray tubes, electron guns, linear accelerators, travelling wave tubes, magnetrons, thyrotrons,

Medical and biotechnology – fluoroscopy, mammography, tomography, electrophoresis

Semiconductor and microelectronics – microlithography, reactive-ion etching, CVD/CDE/PVD processing, diffusion

Analysis and inspection – spectrometry, focused ion beam electron microscopy, x ray scanning

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CategoryMax Voltage RatingCurrent RangeNumber of HV PinsMax Cable SizeProtection Class
Single Pin High Voltage Connectors10 - 100 kV30 - 80 A1AWG 14IP50
Multi Pin High Voltage Connectors< 12 kV3 - 30 A2 - 9AWG 14IP54
VarioPro High Voltage Connectors8 - 13 kV13 - 30 A1 - 3AWG 26IP20
Custom Modular ConnectorsContact PPMContact PPM1 - Many< AWG 14IP65
High Voltage Cables10 - 100 kV--AWG 14-

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