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Bi-Directional DC/DC Converters

Bi-directional DC/DC converters from PPM have been designed for high performance applications such as battery simulation, energy recovery, test and R&D. Units include true bi-directional flow, full digital control and high efficiency with a wide voltage range. Units can be combined to create higher levels of power and, in the case of the UltraMod devices, series connection on the HV or LV port is possible to create custom voltage ranges.

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  • EZA

Bi-Directional DC-DC Converters

Low Side Voltage (VDC)Low Side Current (A)High Side Voltage (VDC)High Side Current (A)Max. Power Output (kW)Efficiency (%)Datasheet
EZA Series48523207.82.592EZA
UltraMod400012 - 4885up to 90012496EZA

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