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  • ebg power thick film resistors

We can offer four resistor technologies that focus on specific high voltage and power electronics applications. All ohmic values are available from mOhm to Gohm:

  • Wire wound for braking or neutral earthing in high power electronics systems
  • Thick film for tight tolerance, low inductance & high average power density
  • Metal film very high stability & tight tolerances
  • Ceramic for high joule rating & low inductance for current limiting & pulsed power

Find the product in the tables below or call us on 01793 784389 to discuss your specific requirement.

 Nominal Resistance RangeMaximum Power RatingHighest AccuracyCooling MethodsTypical Applications
Current Shunt - Thick Film0.5 - 60m ohm100W+/- 1%Convection, base plate cooledCurrent Measuring Devices, Servo/Motor Drive Protection
High Voltage - Thick Film0.1 - 30G ohm105W+/- 0.1%Convection, Forced AirHV PSU voltage feedback, Current limiting
Metal Film Resistors0.025 - 255k ohm400W+/- 0.01%Convection or based plate conductionPrecision feedback, long term stability, high power snubber
Ceramic Resistors0.2 - 1 Mohm1kW+/- 5%Convection, Forced Air, Direct Water CoolingCapacitor discharge, Inrush limiting, Dummy RF load, Relay protection
Power - Thick Film0.15 - 10M ohm2kW+/- 1%Convection, Forced Air, Heatsink, Water-cooled Heat Plate, Direct Water CoolingHarmonic filters, DC link chopper, Inrush limiting
Aluminium Resistors2.1 - 1800 ohm10kW+/- 10%Convection, Forced AirCustomised values and mechanical solutions for braking, DC link chopper
Wirewound Resistors0.2-8k ohm18kW+/- 10%Convection, Forced AirCustomised values and mechanical solutions for braking, DC link chopper, load banks
Plate Resistors0.1 - 100 ohm60kW+/- 10 %ConvectionBraking, Load & Test, Filter, Damping
Custom Band0.05 - 40 ohm3MW-Convection, Forced AirRail Braking & Switching, Choppers In

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