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  • ebg power thick film resistors

We can offer four resistor technologies that focus on specific high voltage and power electronics applications:

  • Wire wound for braking or harmonic filters in power electronics systems
  • Thick film & metal film high stability solutions for high voltage power supply feedback & divider circuits
  • Ceramic technology with high joule rating & low inductance for current limiting & pulsed power applications

Find the product in the tables below or call us on 01793 784389 to discuss your specific requirement.

 Nominal Resistance RangeMaximum Power RatingHighest AccuracyCooling MethodsTypical Applications
Current Shunt - Thick Film0.5 - 60m ohm100W+/- 1%Convection, base plate cooledCurrent Measuring Devices, Servo/Motor Drive Protection
High Voltage - Thick Film0.1 - 30G ohm105W+/- 0.1%Convection, Forced AirHV PSU voltage feedback, Current limiting
Metal Film Resistors0.025 - 255k ohm400W+/- 0.01%Convection or based plate conductionPrecision feedback, long term stability, high power snubber
Ceramic Resistors0.2 - 1 Mohm1kW+/- 5%Convection, Forced Air, Direct Water CoolingCapacitor discharge, Inrush limiting, Dummy RF load, Relay protection
Power - Thick Film0.15 - 10M ohm2kW+/- 1%Convection, Forced Air, Heatsink, Water-cooled Heat Plate, Direct Water CoolingHarmonic filters, DC link chopper, Inrush limiting
Aluminium Resistors2.1 - 1800 ohm10kW+/- 10%Convection, Forced AirCustomised values and mechanical solutions for braking, DC link chopper
Wirewound Resistors0.2-8k ohm18kW+/- 10%Convection, Forced AirCustomised values and mechanical solutions for braking, DC link chopper, load banks
Plate Resistors0.1 - 100 ohm60kW+/- 10 %ConvectionBraking, Load & Test, Filter, Damping
Custom Band0.05 - 40 ohm3MW-Convection, Forced AirRail Braking & Switching, Choppers In

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