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High Voltage Switches

Due to advances in semiconductor technologies, solid-state high voltage switches can now substitute thyratrons, ignitrons, spark gaps and electromechanical high voltage relays. Four main technologies (SiC, MOSFET, SCR and IGBT) are available covering 1 kV – 140 kV and 15 A – 16 kA:

TTL control input and low power electronics replace expensive heater supplies and drivers found in vacuum tube based solutions. PPM supply a range of 300 standard devices manufactured by Behlke as well as custom designs.

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Extreme rise and fall times

The Behlke solid-state switches have extreme rise and fall times. If your application does not require the full switching speed we suggest you the use the speed limiting option S-TT (rise & fall times slower by approx. 50%) in combination with the input low pass filter option LP. The speed limiting options help to minimise the high frequency difficulties typical for fast high voltage pulse circuits  e.g. self-oscillating, self re-triggering, ringing and simplify the EMC design in general.

Using a free-wheeling diode network to prevent reverse currents

Fast solid-state switches are sensitive to reverse currents from unclamped inductive loads. Reverse currents may turn on the slow intrinsic (parasitic) FET diodes in an undefined way and can lead to a catastrophic switch failure. In particular turn-off operation, in combination with high turn-off currents, a fast free-wheeling diode network (fast serial blocking diode + parallel fast free-wheeling diode) should be implemented. This can be integrated with the switching module as option I-FWDN. Please discuss with PPM Power technical support form more information.

For more information about high voltage switches please see choosing a high voltage switch.

Fixed On-Time Switches

On-Time DescriptionMaximum VoltageMaximum CurrentSwitch On-time
Fixed thyristor/SCR switchesCurrent Depending4 - 150 kV1 - 16 kA> 35 us
General Purpose Fixed MOSFET SwitchesFixed4 - 150 kV15 - 200 A100 - 300 ns
Low Impedance MOSFET SwitchesFixed0.5 - 40 kV70 - 1600 A150 ns
Ultra-Fast MOSFET SwitchesFixed3 - 12 kV60 - 200 A120 - 200 ns
Low On-Resistance Fixed MOSFET SwitchesFixed3 - 24 kV60 - 1040 A150 - 250 ns

Variable On-Time Switches

On-Time DescriptionMaximum VoltageMaximum CurrentSwitch On-time
General Purpose Variable MOSFET SwitchesVariable0.5 - 36 kV12 - 640 A> 50 ns
High di/dt MOSFET SwitchesVariable3 - 36 kV200 - 3200 A> 300 ns
Low Capacitance MOSFET SwitchesVariable3 - 140 kV30 - 800 A> 60 ns
Low On-Resistance Variable MOSFET SwitchesVariable0.5 - 21.6 kV125 - 3750 A> 150 ns
AC MOSFET SwitchesVariable1.2 - 36 kV12 - 130 A> 50 ns
General Purpose IGBT SwitchesVariable3 - 36 kV800 - 9600 A> 0.2 us
Push-Pull MOSFET SwitchesVariable2x 1.2 - 140 kV2x 12 - 200 A> 50 ns
Pulser SwitchesVariable(2x) 3 - 12 kV(2x) 15 - 80 A> 50 ns

Pulsed Power Switch Assemblies

On-Time DescriptionMaximum VoltageMaximum CurrentCurrent Rise Rate
Pulsed Power StacksVariable30 kV20 - 50 kA10 - 30 kA/us

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