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Thermal Solutions

PPM Power offers a number of specialised cooling solutions from Wakefield Thermal, including liquid cold plates, air cooled heat sinks and custom solutions.

Explore the different types of cooling solutions PPM Power offers in the table below or call us on +44 (0)1793 784389 to discuss your specific requirement.

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Standard Liquid Cold PlatesStandard liquid cold plates are ideal where air cooling cannot economically meet the desired performance due to thermal or footprint requirements.
Custom Cold PlatesCustom cold plates can be designed and constructed from modifications to standard liquid cold plates or from a drawing and specification.
Air Cooled Heat SinksAir cooled heat sinks suitable for power semiconductors such as IGBTs and hockey puck style components as well as baseplate cooled resistors.
Two Phase CoolingTwo Phase Cooling uses closed loop heat pipes to transfer heat quickly through evaporation and condensation within the heat pipe.
Embedded Cooling SolutionsSpecialised embedded cooling solutions including heat frames and chassis options. Custom solutions are available.

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