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Standard Liquid Cold Plates

Complete Drives, IGBT & Flat Pack Resistor Solutions

Easy System
Simple assembly, customisable liquid cold plate solution for Power Semiconductor modules such as HiPak, LinPak etc. & baseplate-cooled resistors.








KS System
Standard extrusion profile with custom liquid path utilising gun-drilling technique for Power Semiconductors & baseplate cooled resistors.








KS-DL System
Similar to the KS System but offering lower thermal resistance and uniform temperature distribution. The KS-DL is suitable for High Power Semiconductor devices.










KSK System
Similar to the KS System but made using copper for increased thermal performance. The KSK is suitable for High Power IGBT devices and High Power Resistors.


Thyristor, GTO, IGCT & Diode Solutions

KWK System
Specifically designed to cool single IGCTs, GTOs and other Power Semiconductor hockey puck devices. The KWK System is constructed from copper with nickel plating.








LC-KWK/A System
A simple, low cost cooling solution for single conduction cooled hockey puck devices such as Thyristors, GTOs and IGCTs. Available in aluminium or copper.








KDK/A System
The KDK/A System is a cooling solution for individual Power Semiconductor hockey puck devices. The system comes in two styles – with variations in the inlet/outlet positions. It is constructed from aluminium or copper, and suitable for a large range of thyristors.







Standard Drive Solutions

KP-DC System
The KP-DC System is suitable for standard drives such as the Siemens Sinamics 120 series.


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