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High Voltage Probes & Attenuators

PPM Power offers high voltage, high bandwidth voltage probes and coaxial HV attenuators.

High voltage probes and dividers are designed for use with oscilloscopes and meters with >1 MΩ input impedances. They are suitable for DC, 50 Hz AC, or pulsed measurements. The attenuators are suitable for measurement in 50 Ω systems, with very fast rise time pulses.

Two high voltage probe technologies are available: compensated resistive dividers for general DC and AC high voltage measurements and capacitive voltage dividers for AC only.

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PPM Power can also offer custom designs for any applications. Find a product in the tables below or contact a member of our technical sales team on +44 (0)1793 784389.

  • PVM-1 high voltage probe

High Voltage Probes

Max. Voltage DCMax. Voltage PulsedBandwidthAttenuationAccuracy DC
VD series60kV - 400kV100kV - 550kV (pk)8 - 20MHz5000:1 - 10000:10.1%
PVM Series10kV - 100kV12kV - 150kV (pk)40 - 120MHz100:1 - 2000:10.1%
Capacitive Voltage Dividers (Contact PPM)-200 - 800kV (pk)20 kHz - 20MHz10000:1N/A (AC or pulsed only)

High Voltage Attenuators and Baluns

Voltage RatioMax. InputImpedanceRisetimeBandwidth
High Voltage Attenuators20:1 - 1.4:12500 - 16,000 V50 - 100 Ω<10 - <100 ps3.5 - 30 GHz
High Voltage Baluns1± 300 V, 100 ns (30 Vxμs) - ±1 kV, 100 ns (100 Vxμs)50 Ω<50 - <90 ps3.5 - 8.75 GHz

High Voltage Meters

Max. Voltage DCInput ImpedanceResolutionSampling RateAccuracy DC
Digital High Voltage Meters40 kV10 G Ohm4.5 Digits2 per second+/- 1.0 %

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