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Automotive and Aerospace

Electrification of Automotive and Aerospace Sectors

PPM Power can provide all the key components for the electrification of automotive and aerospace sectors, such as traction inverters, DC/DC conversion and battery charging. Based on specific customer requirements, we can optimise and tailor the designs of most products, including resistors, cold plates and capacitors.

To get the required performance and meet design needs such as space, interconnects and material, talk to us about customised solutions, including small volume orders for fast prototyping.

Rimac electric vehicle

Development of Infrastructure

Grid infrastructure is going through a period of development to support the electrification of automotive and aerospace sectors, such as smart grid technology to match up supply and demand at a local level. Components from PPM Power can be used in systems to deliver this new infrastructure.

Power Electronics Components for Electrification

SiC Phase-Leg Automotive Modules

High efficiency 1200 V SiC power modules ideal for demanding inverter applications in automotive and aerospace where weight, size and thermal performance are all key.


  • High power, 1200 V direct cooled phase leg modules up to 980 A
  • Hitachi RoadPak 3 phase integrated module with liquid cooling for fast prototyping

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ABB RoadPak SiC Module

Power Ring – DC Link Capacitors

Integrated power ring capacitor and planar busbar technology offering high efficiency “core” to EV inverter design for aerospace and automotive applications to support SiC power switching technology. Custom prototypes available in low volumes.


  • Optimised low inductance design (standard product or custom)
  • Key to system performance for power conversion applications
  • Highest ripple current rating and ultra low ESL and ESR

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APCS power ring DC capacitor

SiC Test Kits with Cooling

Test kits are provided to allow engineers to start work with high performance SiC modules without having to design cooling, bus structures and low inductance DC Link capacitors. This allows better decisions to be made more quickly.


  • Low inductance DC link
  • Matches Hitachi RoadPak and SanRex Techno-block modules
  • Liquid cooled plate included

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Automotive Resistors

Non-inductive thick film high-precision high-voltage, high-power, precision resistors and custom-designed resistors, allow for a much smaller package size compared to its wirewound counterpart.


  • High pulse capability
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Excellent isolation performance

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ACP-100 high power thick film resistor

UltraMod DC/DC Converters

Lightweight and compact DC/DC converters for connecting the LV bus in a platform to the traction battery or fuel cell. Offering up to 4kW per 200g of dry weight, the UltraMod converter is the most power dense solution available for your electrification project.

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Ultramod4000 DC-DC Converter

Automotive Current Transducers

Small footprint and IC current sensors allow for high power density application, which is a critical factor for increasing performance, as space constraint are prevalent in virtually every automotive application.


  • High compactness
  • Integrated busbar solutions available
  • Very high accuracy

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CDSR series current transducer

Custom Cold Plates

High quality and performance driven cold plates for power dissipation and heat control. Custom solutions with thermal analysis allows you to feel comfortable the solution will meet you requirement.


  • Short lead times for custom solutions
  • Thermal analysis
  • Multiple technologies for different solutions

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Custom liquid cold plate

High Power Battery Protection

PPM Power offers a range of high power battery protection systems designed to ensure that electrical systems operate safely.

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DC Contactors

Robust single-pole, bi-directional DC contactors, featuring newly developed compact arc chambers, offering low contact resistance to reduce power loss.


  • Safe disconnection of high loads regardless of the current direction
  • Optimised design permitting many mechanical switching operations and several emergency disconnections
  • Air system with no risk of leaks or explosions

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C800 DC contactor for automotive

Programmable PSUs for Automotive Test

Genesys+ Fast Speed Models are especially designed for automotive test simulation and similar ATE applications where faster output dynamics are required. Genesys 750 W and 1500 W models with a power sink option can absorb energy from the load.

Fast Speed Features

  • Up-and down programming time TR 1ms, Tfold 2ms
  • Increased Dynamics – up to 35 times faster than standard version
  • Lower Output capacitance

Power Sink Features

  • Maintains output voltage setting, whether output power is positive or negative (source and sink)
  • Can absorb 200 W peak power
  • Ideal solution for testing electric motors with PWM-speed control

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Genesys For Automotive

Battery Simulation for Automotive Test

The ERS system can provide highly dynamic regulation of voltage, current and power and real-time continuous transitions between source and sink modes – essential to any automotive test facility. ERS PSUs are equipped with an energy recovery system which allows for significant savings in operating costs by feeding energy back to the grid.


  • Highly dynamic DC source and load
  • Suitable for battery, converter and motor testing
  • Voltage up to 1200 V, current up to 2400 A in a single unit.

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Heinzinger ERS automotive test

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