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C300 Single-Pole Bi-Directional NO DC Contactors

The C300 series are compact 1-pole bi-directional NO contactors for DC up to 1,500 volts rated insulation voltage. They offer conventional thermal currents up to 500 amps.

The extremely compact bi-directional DC contactors are designed for switching high powers. They ensure safe disconnection of high loads regardless of the direction of the current and provide reliable protection in the event of a system fault. Full bi-directionality is essential in battery storage systems and electric vehicles.

Typical applications include use as the main contactor in battery management systems for HV vehicle batteries, in charging stations for modern electromobility, in battery test benches or in combiner boxes for photovoltaic systems and inverters of all kinds.


Type of voltageDC, bi-directional
Number of contacts, configuration1 x NO
Rated operational voltage1000 V @ PD3 / 1500 V @ PD2
Rated insulation voltage1000 V @ PD3 / 1500 V @ PD2
Rated impulse withstand voltage10 kV
Conventional thermal current500 A
Rated short-time withstand current5000 A @ 20 ms
Auxilliary contacts1 NC
Configurationwith mirror contact function
Rated control supply voltageMonostable: 12 / 24 V DC

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