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C801 Single-Pole Bi-Directional NO DC Contactors

The C801 series are compact single-pole DC contactors with interlock and extremely high shock resistance in the NO position for charging powerful 800 volt e-vehicles at 400 volt charging stations. They offer conventional thermal currents up to 250 amps.

Powerful electric vehicles usually use two battery banks, each with 400 volts, interconnected to form an 800 volt system in the drive train. This ensures high performance while driving. Only a few 800 volt high-performance charging stations are available. However, interlock contactors enable 800 volt electric vehicles to charge quickly and easily at 400 volt charging stations. For this purpose, interlock contactors of the C801 series configure both battery banks during the charging process so that they are charged in parallel. The robust, durable contactors do not require inert gas and have a high current-carrying capacity.

A patented mechanical interlock system ensures extreme shock resistance during normal operation. This prevents uncontrolled closing of the main contacts and the possibility of a short circuit of both battery units in the event of a collision.


Type of voltageDC, bi-directional
Number of contacts, configuration1 x NO
Rated operational voltage1000 V
Rated insulation voltage1000 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage2.5 kV
Conventional thermal current250 A
Rated short-time withstand current2,100 A @ t < 1,000  ms
16,000 A @ t < 5  ms
Rated control supply voltageMonostable: 12 / 36 V DC

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